Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump Opens Speech with Call to Condemn Anti-Semitism

Chris Matthews Goes Wild Watching Trump Practicing Speech in Presidential Limo

Trump on Immigration: ‘What Would You Say to the American Family that Loses Their Job?’

Trump: ‘Over 43 Million Are Now Living in Poverty’

Trump: ‘Mandating Everyone Buy’ Gov’t Health Care ‘Was Never the Right Solution’

Trump: ‘Join Me in Daring Big and Bold and Daring Things for Our Country’

Congress Gives Slain SEAL’s Wife Sustained 3-Minute Standing Ovation

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin: ObamaCare Is an ‘Unmitigated Disaster’

Huckabee: Trump Is Doing a ‘Terrific Job’ Because He’s Doing What He Said He Would Do

Reporter to W.H.: How Can You Justify Adding $54 Billion to Military When There’s $125 Billion in Waste?

W.H. Dodges on Where Funds Will Come from for $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

CNN: Trump Says NYT’s ‘Intent Is So Evil and So Bad’ in Breitbart Interview

Matthews: The Democratic Party Has To Be More than the Anti-Trump Party

Matthews: Trump’s Going After the ‘Hardworking’ Journalists Producing News for the Front Page

Lauer to Ryan: ‘A Lot of People Disagree ... that ObamaCare Is Collapsing’

Judge Nap: Leaks on Flynn and Those from the Intel Community, DHS Are ‘Criminal Leaks’

Kurtz on Trump Skipping the WHCD: Why Is Anyone Surprised He Didn’t Want To Be with People He Doesn’t Like?

Monday, February 27, 2017

Fox News: Sean Spicer Asked Staffers for Permission To Look at Cell Phones

Charles Hurt: Obama Would ‘Routinely’ Keep Reporters out of Gaggles

Schiff: I Haven’t Gotten a Commitment Yet from FBI Director to Discuss Russia Investigations

Fox News: Senate Confirms Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary

FPI Podcast: Liberal Press Shut Out, Trump Full Speed Ahead, Milo Out at CPAC, Did Bill Maher Set Him Up? #BoycottOscars

Sean Spicer: Obama Played with the Deportation Numbers

John Brennan: Devin Nunes’ Comments About Leaks from Obama Admin Officials Is ‘Very Unhelpful’

Trump: I Want Every African-American ‘To Have Access to Great Schools, Safe Communities, and Good-Paying Jobs’

Bush 43 on Trump Travel Ban: ‘I Am for an Immigration Policy that Is Welcoming and Upholds the Law’

Reuters’ Jeff Mason: ‘I Was Surprised’ By Trump’s Announcement He’s Skipping the WHCD

MSNBC: Trump’s Budget to Have ‘Massive Hikes’ in Military, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security

Moonlight Wins Best Picture in Oscars Mix Up

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bret Stephens: To Call Trump Press Ban ‘Nixonian’ Is ‘Unfair’ to Nixon

Palmeri: When I Asked W.H. Why Politico Was Barred, Official Replied, ‘Your Threatening Me’

John Bolton: Obama Holdovers May Be a Danger But the ‘Bigger Problem’ Is the ‘Culture’ of the Bureaucracy

Tom Perez: ‘If You Want Good Jobs, Elect a Democrat’

Hume: More Terror Attacks Like Orlando Help Trump

Huckabee’s Daughter: Americans Don’t Care About Trump-Russia Contacts

ACU Montage: The MSM Just Got ‘Schlapped’

Dershowitz: Ellison Defeat ‘a Victory’ Against Bigotry, Antisemitism, Anti-Israel Push in the Democratic Party

Saturday, February 25, 2017

New DNC Chairman Tom Perez Doesn’t Rule out Seeking Impeachment Against Trump

CNN: White House: Feds will step up marijuana law enforcement

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez Elected DNC Chair

Source: DNC

MSNBC: J.C. Penney to Close 140 Stores

Ellison: Trump’s ‘Already Done a Ton of Things that Raises Possibility of Impeachment’

LIVE STREAM: DNC Meets To Elect New Party Chair In DNC Winter Meeting, Atlanta

Day 1 and 2: www.democrats.org

NRA’s LaPierre on Protests: ‘You’d Think for $1,500 a Week, They’d at Least Know What They’re Protesting’

John Dean: If Trump Wants Be Straight He’d Do What Hillary Did and Make Everyone Available to the FBI

Jorge Ramos Defends Illegal Immigration: ‘They Are Coming Here to Benefit Our Lives’

Guy Benson: ‘Shoddy Legal Reasoning’ By 4th Circuit to Say Semi-Automatic Guns Are Weapons of War

Karen Bass: W.H. Needs to Fire Reince Priebus

Bill Bennett: ‘I’m Glad’ Kasich ‘Came Around’; We’ll Call This the ‘Prodigal Governor’

Friday, February 24, 2017

Trump Signs Order Rolling Backs Regs: One of Many to Remove ‘Job Killing Regulations’

ACU’s Schlapp Defends Trump’s Press Exclusion: ‘No Law’ Demands Their Inclusion

WaPo’s Ashley Parker Complains About Spicer Calling on Conservative Outlets at Press Conferences

CNN: White House Denies Wrongdoing in FBI Talks

Spicer on Press Ban: ‘We Have Shown an Abundance of Accessibility’

CNN: CNN and Other Media Outlets Blocked from White House Gaggle

Trump: Letting ObamaCare Implode Completely Is Not the Right Thing To Do for the American People

Trump at CPAC: ‘Dishonest Media’ Will Say I Never Got a Standing Ovation

Trump: Nobody Loves the 1st Amendment More than Me; ‘Who Uses It More than I Do?

Trump: We’re Building the Wall and It Will Start Soon, Way Ahead of Schedule

LIVE Stream: President Donald Trump Speech at CPAC 2017 (2/24/2017) Donald Trump Live CPAC Speech

DHS’ Kelly: ‘There Will Be No Mass Deportations’

Mom Whose Daughter Was Killed By Illegal Slams CT Gov. for Defying Immigration Law: ‘It Will Hurt a Lot of People’

MSNBC: FBI Tells Reince Priebus NYT Story on Russia Contacts Is Overblown

CNN Reports on Safe Houses Being Used to Hide Illegals in California

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Trump: ‘My Administration Will Focus on Ending the Absolutely Horrific Practice of Human Trafficking’

Trump: ‘We Have a Team of All Stars’

Trump: ‘We’re Going to Have a Good Relationship with Mexico, I Hope’

Pence: We Will Make The Hyde Amendment Permanent

Pirro: Illegal Immigrants Have More Rights than Americans in Sanctuary Cities

Robert Davi: We Let in Immigrants that Do Not Know What America Stands For

DeVos at CPAC: ‘My Job Isn’t to Win a Popularity Contest with the Media or Education Establishment’ in D.C.

Matt Schlapp to CPAC Crowd Chanting ‘Trump’: ‘Be Patient,’ Trump Is Coming ‘Tomorrow’

Bannon: ‘If You Think They’re Going to Give You Your Country Back Without a Fight, You Are Sadly Mistaken’

O’Reilly: ‘Entirely Mexico’s Fault’ that Millions Have to Illegally Come to the U.S. To Earn a Decent Living

Bruce LeVell: ’I’m Very Optimistic’ People Will Wake Up and See Trump Will Be the Best President We’ve Ever Had

MSNBC: McCain Makes Secret Trip to Syria

MSNBC: Gohmert Invokes Gabby Giffords Shooting To Not Hold Townhall Meetings

Tom Perez: Trump’s ‘Worst Nightmare’ Is a ‘Unified’ Democratic Party

Conway at CPAC 2017: ‘By Tomorrow This Will Be TPAC’

Judge Nap: Rescinding Transgender Bathroom Guidelines a Win for States’ Rights and the Constitution

Ingraham: Town Halls ‘Becoming a Social Club for the Embittered Left’

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump: ‘Our Moral Duty’ Is to Make Government ‘Leaner and More Accountable’

Chris Matthews Praises the ‘Local Accent’ on Display at Raucous GOP Townhalls

George Will: Trump ‘Objects to Truth That’s Inconvenient and Objects to Criticism of Him’

Lou Dobbs: ‘Once Venerable’ George Will ‘Is Right Now on a Personal Jihad’ Against Trump

Bill Maher Has His Own History of Defending Sex Between Adults and Minors

Limbaugh: If Milo Were a Liberal He Could Say Whatever, and He’d Be Emceeing the Oscars

Fmr. LA Mayor: Trump’s ‘Terrorizing’ and ‘Dividing’ Families with Deportations

‘Fox & Friends’ Calls out April Ryan for Falsely Claiming Trump Said White People Built America

Netanyahu Says Trump’s Recent Denunciation of Anti-Semitism Is ‘Strong’

Ann Coulter: ‘So Far’ I Give Trump an ‘A+’

Brokaw: The Country’s ‘Well Served’ by Trump’s Pick of Mattis, McMaster and Kelly

Sheldon Whitehouse: Trump Needs to ‘Clarify’ Who’s Targeted for Deportations

MSNBC: Standing Rock Protesters Setting Tents on Fire

ACU’s Schlapp on Milo: ‘An Invitation Is Not an Endorsement’ But Certain Topics ‘Beyond the Pale’

Lee Zeldin: I’m ‘Encouraged’ by the New Immigration Memos, as Compared to the Travel Ban

Bob Beckel on Immigration: ‘You’re Not Going to Get Your Bed Made at Your Hotel’

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Rove: John Kelly’s Made It ‘Clear’ DHS Will ‘Prioritize’ Deportations of Criminal Illegals

Spicer: We’ll Be Releasing a Tax Plan in the Next Couple of Weeks

CNN’s Tapper Admits Immigrants Responsible for Riot in Sweden

Milo Resigns from Breitbart: ‘I Do Say Some Things on the Tapes that I Don’t Mean’

CNN: CIA Analyst Explains Why He Quit Over Trump

CNN: Vandals Damage 100 Headstones at Jewish Cemetery

Trump: African American Museum ‘a Beautiful Tribute to So Many American Heroes’

Judge Nap: Trump Ripping Up Old Executive Order a ‘Great Thing To Do’

Scarborough on WSJ Report: ‘If You Don’t Believe in the Person You’re Working with, You Should Leave’

Barnicle: ‘No Denying’ Europe’s ‘Been Victimized’ ‘by Open Borders’

Matt Schlapp: I’d Rather CPAC Attendees Make Their Own Judgements About Milo than Me Censor Him

Matt Schlapp: ‘We Don’t Think the Alt-Right Has Anything To Do with the Conservative Movement

Monday, February 20, 2017

Child at Anti-Trump Protest to MSNBC: ‘I Hate Trump’; He ‘Deported My Father and Uncle’

David Frum: McMaster an ‘Absolutely Baffling Pick’; He’s ‘Smart, Competent, Patriotic, Not Compromised’

Va. Gov.: Deporting Illegal Immigrants Creates a ‘Chilling Effect’ for New Immigrants

David Wohl: Both Police Chief Beck and L.A. Mayor Need To Be Held Accountable’ for Illegal Crime Rate

Matt Schlapp on Canceling Milo’s CPAC Invite: ‘There Are Boundaries and One of Those Boundaries Was Broken’

Stengel: Trump Admin Leaks ‘Not the Problem’; They’re ‘Evidence’ of a Problem

MSNBC: Kremlin Compiling Dossier of Trump’s Mental Strengths and Weaknesses for Future Putin Meeting

Rosen: Nothing Trump’s Done ‘Approaches in Seriousness and Nature’ Obama’s Conduct Towards the Press

Rand Paul: ‘We’re Very Lucky John McCain Is Not In Charge Because I Think We Would Be In Perpetual War’

Priebus: ‘You Should Take’ Trump’s Enemy Tweet ‘Seriously’

Devin Nunes: Leaks Could Have Only Come from the ‘Highest Levels of the Obama Administration’

Woodward: I Don’t Think Trump ‘Really Believes the Press Is the Enemy of the People’

Santorum: Obama ‘Created this Partisan Atmosphere’ in D.C.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

FPI Podcast: AP/Fake News Fallout; Note to L.A. Mayor: Treatment Of Illegals, America's Dirty Little Secret.

Katrina Pierson: This Rally Was Vintage Trump’

CNN’s Stelter Whines: Trump Supporters ‘Clearly’ Trusting the President and Not the Press

CNN’s Lemon Abruptly Ends Segment on Protecting Trump After Trump Supporter Decries It as Fake News

Panetta: Report Intel Community Is Withholding Material from Trump Is Not Credible

Chris Wallace Grills Priebus on Trump’s ‘Enemy’ Tweet: ‘You Don’t Get to Tell Us What To Do’

Limbaugh: No Question Democrats Are Doing Everything They Can to ‘Sabotage’ Trump

Saturday, February 18, 2017

MSNBC Host Invites Republican on Show, Kicks Him off After ‘Incredibly Offensive’ Comments

McCain to Todd: “I Hate The Press. I Hate You Especially. - Dictators ‘Get Started By Suppressing The Free Press’"

Bolton: It Would Be an ‘Honor’ to Serve the Trump Admin and ‘I’d Be Prepared To Do It’

Buck Sexton: For Anyone to Say Intel Is Being Withheld from Trump Is an ‘Accusation of Betrayal’ and ‘Treason’

Mollie Hemingway: ‘Media Need To Wake Up and Take Responsibility for How Bad Their Credibility Is’

Trump: ‘We Are Not Here for the Benefit of Bureaucrats, Consultants, or Pundits’

Limbaugh: Trump Is the Media’s Watchdog

Hoekstra Slams AP Report: ‘This Is Creative Writing, This Is Fictional Writing at Its Best’

Friday, February 17, 2017

Sheldon Whitehouse Conducts Science Experiment on Senate Floor

Netanyahu: ‘You’re Making Israeli Politics Look Pale by Comparison’ And We’re Very Jealous

Former Mexican Pres. Fox: Trump’s a ‘Lousy, Worse, Bad Businessman’

Fox News: Senate Confirms Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator

Bolton: Notion that Press Has Special Status Is Ridiculous

Cruz: John Bolton ‘Would Be a Terrific Choice’ for National Security Adviser

Bill Bennett on Trump’s Press Conference: ‘My Impression Was that It Was a Tour de Force’

Halperin: Trump Has to Recognize that These Leaks Won’t Stop

Judge Nap: ‘Evidence Is Overwhelming’ that ‘Cabal’ in the Bureaucracy Is Leaking to Sabotage Trump

Rand Paul on Rolling Obama Coal Regs: ‘Might Be the Best Thing We’ve Done’ in D.C.

Fox News: Vice Admiral Harward Declines NSA Post

Priebus: We’ll Be Finalizing ObamaCare Replacement in March and Tax Reform Comes After

Thursday, February 16, 2017

C-SPAN: President Trump News Conference

Limbaugh on Trump: One of the Most Effective Press Conferences I’ve Ever Seen

Tony Shaffer: Ben Rhodes, James Clapper, John Brennan Responsible for Flynn Leaks

Panetta on Flynn: This Story ‘Should Result in Him Losing His Clearances’

Trump: ‘We’re Going to Find The Leakers; They’re Going to Pay a Big Price for Leaking’

Boris Epshteyn: ‘Unelected’ Bureaucrats Leaking Classified Info Is ‘Huge Threat’ to Nat’l Security

Krauthammer: Intel Community Telling Trump He Messed with the Wrong Agency

CNN’s Zakaria: Trump ‘Sounded So Bizarre’ and ‘Frankly Irresponsible’ at Press Conference with Netanyahu

CNN’s Tapper Rips Trump on Leaks: ‘It’s Not a Moral Position If You Only Hold It When It Applies to You’

Rand Paul: Release of Recorded Calls by Intel Agencies ‘Very, Very Concerning for a Free Society’

Rove: Leaks Are ‘Political Payback’ by Former Obama Admin Officials or by the Intel Community

Richard Haass: Trump’s Relations with Israel ‘Starting off Well’

Schumer: ‘Real Concern’ Trump Officials May Try to Cover Up Ties to Russia by Deleting Emails