Saturday, December 31, 2016

Huckabee: Trump Can Do More in 140 Characters than ‘The Times’ Can Do in Its Sunday Paper

Peters: ‘Putin Is the Ultimate Master of the Art of the Deal’

Pickering: Putin ‘Playing the Trump Card’ with Refusal to Escalate Hacking Response

Gorka: To Not Retaliate Was a ‘Master Stroke’ by Putin; He’s Said, Obama, ‘You Are Completely Irrelevant’

Obama: ‘We’ve Made Extraordinary Progress as a Country These Past Eight Years’

Friday, December 30, 2016

Kinzinger: ‘Thank God’ Hoekstra Is a Fmr. Congressman; ‘I Listened’ to Him and ‘My Blood Was Boiling’

Hoekstra: DHS, FBI Report Was ‘Pathetic’ in Trying to Create a Case for Russian Hacking of the Election

Huckabee: Blame the ‘Dumb Democrats’ for Hillary’s Loss, Not Russia

MSNBC: Russian Hackers Wanted by FBI in Connection with Election Hacking

‘WFB’ Montage: ‘The Worst of MSNBC in 2016’

Bolton: The Russians ‘Have Walked All over’ Obama for Eight Years

Costa: ‘Behind the Scenes’ Trump ‘Still Remains Very Favorable to Russia’ and Putin

Meeks: ‘Unprecedented’ for a President-Elect to Get Involved in the Decisions the Sitting President Is Making

Giuliani; Why Didn’t Obama Do Something About the Hacking Months Ago? It Never Would Have Happened

Thursday, December 29, 2016

FBN: Obama Admin Expels 35 Russian Diplomats

Gorka: Obama’s Emptying Gitmo Because He’s ‘Embarrassed’ and He’s Putting His ‘Ego’ Ahead of Security

Chaffetz: Obama’s ‘Midnight Monument’ Act ‘One of the Biggest Land Grabs in the History’ of the U.S.

Nina Khrushcheva: Fact Trump Is Non-Committal on Russian Sanctions Suggests He Would Roll them Back

Priebus: Trump Agrees Russians Shouldn’t Be Hacking Us But We Want Intel Community to Say in Unison

Fox: Referring to Russian Sanctions, Trump Says Its Time ‘To Move on to Bigger and Better Things’

Dershowitz: Anti-Israel Resolution ‘Could Not Have Happened’ Without ‘Complete Support’ of Obama Admin

Herman Cain: Trump’s ‘Tone from the Top’ Is ‘Driving Liberals Crazy’

CBS: 8-Year-Old Transgender Boy Removed from Cub Scout Troop

Peters: Trump Has to Decide Whether He’s Going to Defend America or Defend Putin

MSNBC: Schumer Releases Statement Saying Kerry’s Speech ‘Has Emboldened Extremism on Both Sides’

Obama: ‘Jerusalem Will Remain the Capital of Israel, and It Must Remain Undivided

Gorka: Kerry Is ‘Irrelevant’; He ‘Doesn’t Know What Day of the Week It Is’

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jerusalem Mayor: Obama’s Policy Is Wrong and Has Failed Around the World

Bolton: ‘Entirely Possible’ Obama Could Have Another Anti-Israel Resolution in the Final Three Weeks


Kerry: ‘We Have Consistently Defended Israel; We Believe We Are Doing that Now’

Ed Klein: Obama’s Going Back to His Roots as Community Organizer After He Leaves Office

Jim Hanson: Obama’s Giving Our Enemies ‘Free Draft Picks’ by Releasing Gitmo Detainees

Sam Stein: Obama’s Legacy as a Politician ‘Muddied’ by Fact He Destroyed the Party

Rick Tyler: I’m Not Sure Why Obama’s Engaging in These Exec. Actions that Be Undone ‘Relatively Easily’

MSNBC: Trump Gets Credit for Rising Consumer Confidence

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Nischelle Turner on George Michael’s Death: We Are Just Left Wanting More of His Music

Krauthammer: U.N. Building a Good Real Estate, Trump Ought to Put His Name on It and Turn It into Condos

Bolton: Obama’s Abstention on U.N. Res. Is an ‘Extraordinary Radical Step ... Intended to Box in’ Trump

Huckabee: If I Were Hillary ‘I’d Be Livid’ over Obama’s Remarks that He Would Have Won

GOP Strategist: Only Good Thing About the U.N. Is Its Cafeteria

Dershowitz: Obama ‘Angry’ and ‘Trying to Get Even’ with Israel; ‘It Is Revenge, Not a Policy’

‘Morning Joe’: Obama Saying He Could Have Won Is an Indictment on Hillary

CNN: Carl Paladino Makes Racists Remarks Toward Obamas

Dershowitz: Obama ‘Will Go Down in History as One of the Worst Foreign Policy Presidents Ever’

Fmr. NAACP President Accuses Jeff Session of ‘Blowing a Racist Dog Whistle’ as U.S. Atty

Axelrod: It’s Going to Take ‘Discipline’ for Obama to Remain Quiet on Public Issues Once He’s out of Office

Kelly: Trump’s Twitter Attack on Me Put My Life in Danger

Monday, December 26, 2016

Gil Hoffman: Israel Wouldn’t Be Making Allegation Obama Is Behind Resolution If They Didn’t Have Evidence

Adolfo Franco: ‘President Obama Has Been the Incredibly Shrinking President’

MSNBC Panel Fights over Trump’s Charity Concerns: ‘I Know You’re Partisan, But Be Respectful’

Rep. Waters Refuses to Meet with Trump to Find Common Ground on Policies

Josh Earnest: Obama Hasn’t Gotten Enough Credit for Being ‘Most Transparent’ President

Don Lemon Challenges Israeli Amb. over Claim Obama Behind U.N. Resolution‘What’s the Evidence?’

Netanyahu to Obama: ‘Friends Don’t Take Friends to the Security Council’

Fox News: Obama Admin Officials ‘Bristle’ at Suggestion They Are Behind Anti-Israel Resolution

Never-Trumper George Will: Trump ‘Ran a Brilliant Campaign’

Dobbs: The New York Times Don’t Think Much of Our Constitution

Fox News: George Michael Has Died at the Age of 53

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas Trumpkins!

FPI Podcast: While Visions Of Sugar Plums Dance In Your Head, Democrats Are Up To No Good

Mukasey: Obama Hadn’t Thought Through Closing Gitmo Beyond Signing the Order

Costa: We’re Going to See an ‘Ongoing Civil War’ in the Democratic Party in 2017

Fox News: Donald Trump Gets Standing Ovation in Palm Beach Church

Zinke: Obama ‘Colluding’ with Hamas/Abbas/Pro-Palestinian Effort ‘To Ethnically Cleanse’ Eastern Jerusalem

Newt: In the Opening Couple of Days, Trump Will Repeal 60-70 Percent of Obama’s Legacy

Huckabee: ‘The Two State Solution Is No Solution; It’s Feckless and It’s Dangerous’

Saturday, December 24, 2016

CNN: Trump Says He’ll Dissolve Foundation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas

Scaramucci: The American People Know When Trump Is ‘Tweaking the Media’ with Twitter

Obama: ‘By So Many Measures, Our Country Is Stronger and More Prosperous’ than 8 Years Ago

Bolton: Trump ‘Will Be Subject to Unmerciful Attacks’ if a Terror Attacks Happens Here After Jan 20th

Bolton on U.N. Resolution to Halt Settlements: Obama’d Try To Do Something ‘Terribly Damaging’ to Israel

Merry Christmas to Our Men and Women in Uniform!

Ralph Peters: Merkel ‘Knows She Screwed up’ with Refugees

Spicer on Nuke Tweet: ‘We’re Not Going to Sit Back and Watch Other Nations Threaten Our Safety’

Fox News: Biden Tells L.A. Times Clinton Didn’t Know Why She Was Running

Tucker Grills Op-Ed Writer: ‘You’re Choosing the Less Democratic Way’ to Get Rid of the Electoral College

Chris Bedford on Harassment of Ivanka: Imagine the Outrage if Michelle Obama Was Harassed by a Tea Partier

Friday, December 23, 2016

Scott Biao’s Stunning Interview On Judge Jeanine Reveals Extreme Political Bias By Female Attacker

Katrina Pierson: Hillary ‘the Poster Child for Everything Wrong with American Politics’

MSNBC Analyst Argues Obama Isn’t Anti-Israel Because He Negotiated Iran Deal

Krauthammer on David Cameron: ‘He Leaves No Land Mines Behind’

Kellyanne Conway: 'I Don't Play Golf And I Don't Have A Mistress'

CNN: U.S. Refuses to Veto Resolution on Israel

StandWithUs: Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the Peace Process

Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The video explains that the reason there is no successful peace process is because of decades of Palestinian and Arab recalcitrance and the main reason for the conflict is not Israel's.

Amb. Power: U.S. Let Anti-Settlement Resolution Pass Because It’s Consistent with U.S. Policy [Full Remarks]

CNN: Trump Tweets After U.N. Vote ‘Things Will Be Different After Jan. 20th’

U.S. Allows UN Security Council to Condemn Israeli Settlements by Abstaining from Vote

CNN: Trump Team Is Downplaying Difficulties Getting A-Listers to Play at Inauguration

FLASHBACK: The Five Thirty Eight: Where To Say ‘Merry Christmas’ vs. ‘Happy Holidays’ - Mapping the “war on Christmas”

Dec. 23, 2015, The Five Thirty Eight

‘Tis the season for some to take offense when a store clerk says “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas,” or when a coffee chain converts to plain red cups for the holiday. The “war on Christmas” trope seems to surface with Black Friday sales, but who is actually at war?

It is easy to imagine saying “merry Christmas” as another cudgel in the culture wars between Christians and the irreligious. The actual story, however, is much more nuanced. Public Religion Research Institute asked a nationally representative sample of Americans whether retailers should greet their customers with “happy holidays” or “season’s greetings” — rather than “merry Christmas” — “out of respect for people of different faiths.” Although a slim majority of those with a preference want retailers to say “happy holidays” or “season’s greetings,” we found that preference depends on your level of tension with the culture where you live. To explore these cultural tensions, we analyzed the PRRI data jointly with the 2010 Religion Census results.

Marc Thiessen: Trump Is Going to Undo Obama’s Exec. Orders Through Exec. Orders as Well

CNN: Feds Warn of ISIS Threats to Churches and Holiday Events

Vanity Fair’s Fox: Not a Good Look for a Trump Appointee Castigating a Bank Who Loaned Trump $300M

Fox News: Israel Reaches Out to Trump for Help in Stopping Anti-Israel Resolution

Ignatius: Trump’s Tactics Against Russia and China Right out of the 1971-1972 Playbook

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fox News: Sean Spicer Named as W.H. Press Secretary and Special Asst. to the President

Rep. Darrell Issa: ‘AIPAC Is Center-Left’

Montage: 140 Unfulfilled Obama Promises from Past SOTU Addresses

Conway on New Job: ‘The President-Elect Is a Very Persuasive Man’

Carlson Grills Asian Harvard Alum: How Is a Kid Who Has to Score 540 Pts. Higher Not Being Discriminated Against?

Fox News: Kellyanne Conway Gets Title, Named ‘Counselor to the President’

Rove on Trump: ‘Refreshing’ to Have a President Call Terror Attacks for What They Are

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Watters to John Flannery: We’ll Cut Your Mic ‘If You Don’t Shut Your Mouth’

Judge Alex: Wal-Mart Right to Take ‘Bulletproof’ Shirt Off the Shelves Because It Was Offensive to Police

Newt: Dems’ Anti-Trump Battle Cry Is the Road to Being a Minority for a Long Time

Fox News: Obama to Release up to 22 Gitmo Detainees, Fails to Keep Promises of Shutting It Down

Tammy Bruce: ‘Irony of Mrs. Obama’ Is Hope Isn’t a Plan; It’s the Thing You Have When ‘Things Are Going Wrong’

Crystal Wright Slams Lena Dunham: She Sounds Perverted, Pure Evil, What’s Coming out of Her Mouth Is Garbage

Scarborough: ‘The Era of Trump Began with Bill Clinton’

Krauthammer: Obama ‘Should Have Been Upset’ Earlier and ‘Should Have Sent a Message Earlier’ About Hacking

CNN’s Toobin: ‘Bizarre’ and ‘Inappropriate’ for Comey to Release Info on the Eve of the Election

Loesch Battles Nomiki on Clemency: ‘I’m Not Going to Let You Brush this Off with Your Lack of Education’

Giuliani on Refugees: ‘You Do Not Have a Right to Come Into’ the U.S. Unless You are an American Citizen

MSNBC: New Poll Says ObamaCare Is Obama’s Greatest Achievement But Also His Greatest Failure

Scarborough: If You Look at the Data, You See ‘Comey’s Decision 10 Days Out Did Make a Difference’

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Manchin: ‘We Need to Declare a War on Illicit Drugs’

CNN: Obama Takes Action to Bar Offshore Drilling in Areas of the Arctic & Atlantic Oceans

O’Reilly on Effort to End Electoral College: Left Sees White Privilege as an Oppressive Force’ that Must Be Ended

Fox News: P.C. Police Says Classic Christmas Song Is ‘Rapey’

Obama: To Fix the Party, I Am Interested in ‘Developing a Whole New Generation of Talent’

Fox News: Smithsonian Snubs Clarence Thomas in ‘Glaring Omission’ at Museum

Montage: The Media’s 10 Most Mortifying Moments of 2016

Fox News: Clinton Email Search Warrant To Be Unsealed

Ingraham: ‘All Those Hikes in the Woods, Hillary Was Looking’ for Her Missing Electors

Photographer Who Saw Russian Ambassador Assassination: Only There Since It Was on the Way Home from Work

Woolsey: As Long as We Keep Playing Defense, ‘We’ll Have Continual’ Terror Attacks

Scarborough Rips the Clintons: ‘It’s Time for the Clintons To Go Home’

Gorka: ‘I Completely Reject’ Phrase ‘Lone Wolf Terrorism’; It’s a ‘Concept Designed to Make Americans Stupid’

Monday, December 19, 2016

Fox News: Clinton Camp Blaming Huma Abedin Now for Crushing Loss

MSNBC: More Democrats Bucking Hillary than Republicans Bucking Donald Trump

Obama: ‘Absolutely’ We Achieved Our Goal of Hope

Michelle Obama: I Would Never Run for Office

CNN: Bill Clinton Tells Bookstore Crowd ‘One Thing’ Trump Knows Is ‘How to Get Angry White Men to Vote for Him’

Bill Maher: Democrats Shouldn’t ‘Take the Bait’ Every Time Trump Goes Off (Profanity)

Bill Clinton Blames ‘FBI Deal’ and Russians for Election Loss: ‘We Couldn’t Prevail Against That’

AP: Trump Cruises to Electoral College Victory

The Hill: Trump seals Electoral College victory

By The Hill, Dec. 19, 2016

Electoral College members across the nation voted to affirm President-elect Donald Trump’s victory on Monday, as liberal attempts to sway Republican electors to abandon Trump fizzled. Republican electors stayed loyal to their candidate, keeping Trump well above the 270 electoral vote threshold needed to secure the nomination.

Texas' 36 electoral votes for Trump pushed him over the edge at around 4:30 Central Time, even though two rogue electors' defections deprived Trump of one of those votes. That gave Trump 304 total electoral votes.

The Republican-controlled Congress, a body even more unlikely to be swayed by pressure than the Electoral College, will certify the vote on Jan. 6.


NYT’s Alcindor: Electoral College ‘Steeped in the Idea of Slavery’

Chris Suprun to Trump Electors: Your Vote Is Just a ‘Rubber Stamp’ for the Kremlin

Newsmax CEO: Media Not Giving Trump a ‘Complete and Fair Shake’

Wehner: Trump the ‘Most Temperamentally Immoderate Person’ To Be President Since Andrew Jackson

Conway: CIA Undermining Our Nat’l Security By Leaking to the Press Instead of Briefing Congress

‘Morning Joe’ Shreds Clinton: ‘How Do You Have All of the Money in the World and Have Bad Data?’

Sunday, December 18, 2016

CNBC’s Santelli: Wisconsin the ‘Poster Child’ for Dems ‘Losing Track All the Way Back to 2010’

Priebus: Trump Would Accept CIA Take on Hacking If Were in a Report, Not Leaked to WaPo

Varney: Trump Assembling ‘the Most Conservative Cabinet in at Least a Generation’

John Bolton: Obama’s ‘Become a Parody of Himself’

Podesta: ‘We Haven’t Tried to Influence What Electors Will Do’ Tomorrow

Loretta Lynch: ‘I’ve Regretted’ Meeting with Bill Clinton

Peter King Calls for Investigation of CIA’s Brennan over Trump ‘Hit Job’

Brazile: ‘No’ Trump’s Win Is Not ‘Legitimate’

Saturday, December 17, 2016

FPI Podcast: Disgruntled Dems Beating Dead Horse Of False Hope Won't Change Trump Victory Outcome

Rep. Tim Ryan Dismisses the War on Christmas by the Left: It’s Not a ‘Major Issue’