Thursday, February 25, 2021

Fox News: D.A. Gascon Hires New Prosecutor Who Posted She Was ‘Proud To Be A Looter’ During Rodney King Riots, Pays $15,000 Per Month

Proud Boys Leader: Right Now Is the Time to Overthrow the Gov’t By Becoming the New Gov’t

Proud Boys Leader: I Don’t Believe that the 2020 Elections Was Stolen

Fox News: Biden Orders Air Strikes At Syria-Iraq Border

Brennan: There Is an ‘Active Plot to Blow up the Capitol of the United States’

Psaki Defends Calling Gov. Cuomo the ‘Gold Standard’ in Covid Response

Behar: ‘If You Are Going to Investigate Cuomo You Better Investigate’ Jordan, Kavanaugh, Trump

CNN’s Avlon Falsely Claims Past Minimum Wage Hikes Didn’t Destroy Jobs

Fox News: Five GOP Demand Full Investigation Into Cuomo Sexual Harassment, NY Post Calls ‘Pig,’ de Blasio, Rose McGowan, AOC Pile On

Rand Paul Confronts Biden’s Transgender Nominee for Assistant HHS Secretary Over Genital Mutilation

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Romney: ‘Pretty Sure’ Trump Would Win GOP Nomination in 2024

Tucker: AT&T Is Protecting China Telecoms From Sanctions Despite Links to Human Rights Abuses

Carl Rove Rips Chris Hahn Over Immigration Hypocrisy ‘Don’t Lecture Me On Comprehensive Immigration Reform!’

Dana Loesch Calls out Dems’ Hypocrisy: ‘Kids in Cages’ Have Become ‘Detention Facilities’

Kim Klacik: I’m Glad How BLM Is Now Exposed for Enriching Themselves with Donations

Tucker on Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against Gov. Cuomo: It’s Really ‘The Sopranos’ over There

Dan Bongino: My Secret Service Sources Tell Me ‘How Bad Biden’s Condition Is’

Fox’s Janice Dean Calls Out Gov. Cuomo Over Nursing Home Deaths at NY Rally

Behar: Tucker Carlson Should Be ‘Tied Up and Put in the Corner,’ But Not Harmed

Frank Figliuzzi on Capitol Riot: ‘Religion or Skin Color Needed to Change to Increase the Security Posture’

Cheney: ‘I Don’t Believe that Trump Should Be Playing a Role in the Future of the Party or the Country’

Jack Brewer: Critical Race Theory Will Cause Cities to ‘Go Up in Flames Again’

Josh Kraushaar: Tougher For GOP Candidate To Win If Replacing Newsom Becomes About National Politics, Trump

Fox News: Tiger Woods Had Accident On Road With 13 Prior Crashes, 4 Injuries Since January

Alan Dershowitz Rejects Dominion Lawsuit Against MyPillow CEO: ‘I Don’t Think They’re Going to Get Any Pillows out of This’

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Newt Gingrich on Trump’s Coming CPAC Speech: An Opportunity To Rebrand Himself

Trace Gallagher: Tiger Woods Suffered Two Leg Fractures, Shattered Ankle Is Awake, Alert

Dinesh D’ Souza on House Staff in Capitol Hill Riot Therapy: Ginning The Event Up, Making It Look Like Scene Out Of Braveheart

Larry Elder: California, A State Dominated By Democrats With Super-Majority, Any Governor Can Be Overwritten

Leo Terrell: Fauci ‘A Flip-Flopping Politician,’ Gone Beyond Being ‘A Doctor’ No Need For Him On TV

Josh Hawley on FBI Checking House Members Cellphone Data: ‘Frightening Stuff,’ There Has To Be Real Accountability

Fox News Shows Recent Interview Of Tiger Woods Discussing Rehab After Latest Back Surgery

Trump: Tiger Woods Will Recover from Accident

Fox News: Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Serious Roll-Over Car Crash, In Surgery With Multiple Leg Injuries

Montage: Merrick Garland Just Doesn't Know Anything!

SOURCE: Twitter

Ex-Capitol Police Chief: ‘I Wouldn’t Doubt There Was Pre-Surveillance’ Before Capitol Riot

Monday, February 22, 2021

Fox News: Bi-Partisan Revolt Against Cuomo Places Focus On Stripping Emergency Powers, Censure

Lindsey Graham: Path To GOP Victory in 2022 Is To ‘Get Behind Trump’

Kevin McCarthy: ‘The Swamp Is Back,’ Only Nine Percent of the Covid Relief Bill Is About Covid

Jason Rantz: Seattle City Funds Used To Buy ‘Booty Bumping Kits’ Allowing Addicts To Rectally Inject Drugs

Jesse Watters Questions American Rescue Plan: ‘They Have PPP Loans in Here for Sex Offenders’

Press Sec. Psaki on 500K Covid Deaths: ‘It’s Still Going To Be Months and Months of Sacrifice’

Merrick Garland Declines to Say He Will Keep Special Counsel John Durham

Steve Scalise on Covid Bill: ‘National Disgrace’ Driven by Socialist Left and the Unions

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Larry Kudlow: Will Biden Reverse Trump Policies Because Of Obsession ‘To Spite Trump?’

Carol Swain: Bill Gates Is ‘the Closest Thing America Has to a Mad Scientist’

Chris Wallace Questions Fauci About Biden Administration’s ‘Garbled Messages’ on Schools Reopening

Fauci: Americans May Need to Keep Wearing Masks into 2022 Even if They’re Vaccinated

Lara Trump on Fmr. President Trump’s Upcoming CPAC Appearance: ‘He’s the Head of the Republican Party’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Fox News: ‘Greatest Of All Time’ Rush Limbaugh’s Wife Kathryn Announced His Passing On His Radio Show

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Video Shows United Flight 328 Engine On Fire During Flight

SOURCE: Twitter

Fox News: Trump To Speak At CPAC Conference In First Public Appearance On Feb. 28

MSNBC: Entire School Board Resigns After Members Bashed Parents

New York Democrat Says There’s More In Store For Cuomo: ‘Taking His Powers Is Not Good Enough’

Fox News: ICE Cancels Operation Targeting Sex Offenders

NY Assemblyman Kim: Cuomo Has ‘a Pattern of Abusive Behavior’; ‘He Has Abused Me and My Family’

Texas Ag Commissioner on Winter Storm: $8M Worth of Milk Down Drains

Newsmax’s Greg Kelly: Biden’s Dog Needs a Bath and a Comb

Friday, February 19, 2021

WENY: Rep. Reed Joins Other Representatives To Introduce ‘Commission On Domestic Terrorism Act, 2021’

Dagen McDowell: CNN Covered Cruz Story 25 Min, 31 Sec, Cuomo 2 Min, 42 Sec

Johns Hopkins Doctor Predicts Covid ‘Will Be Mostly Gone By April’

Kevin Faulconer Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss School Board Members Curse Out Parents Struggling To Get Back in School

John Kerry: We Have 9 Years Left to Avoid Climate Catastrophe, ‘There Is No Room for BS Anymore’

Chris Christie: Biden Should Follow the Science, Not Teachers’ Unions

Yellen Tells Skeptical CNBC Host that America Needs $1.9 Trillion Stimulus: ‘We’re Digging Out of a Deep Hole’

Joe Biden: 1 In 5 Americans Behind In Rent, 1 In 10 Behind In Mortgage

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Mark Steyn Calls Gov. Cuomo the ‘Blood-Soaked Butcher of New York’

CNN’s Keilar Goes Off on Nikki Haley for Blasting ‘Anti-Trump Media’: She’s Had it ‘All the Ways Since January 6′

Camera Crew Tracks Down Ted Cruz Hightailing it Out of Cancun, Senator Explains Why He Fled Texas

Fox’s Kurtz Blasts ‘Ghoulish Glee’ from ‘Twisted People’ Celebrating Rush Limbaugh’s Death

Fox News: NASA Mission Control Confirms Rover Safely Lands On Mars

NY Assembly Member: Cuomo Yelled at Me, Told Me My Career Would Be Over if I Don’t Lie

Mayor De Blasio: A Lot of People in New York Received Threatening Phone Calls from Gov. Cuomo

Pelosi on the Proposed 9/11-Style Commission to Investigate Capitol Riot: ‘You Have to Have Subpoena Power’

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

‘Rush Loved The People, Was Proud Of Country’ 45th President Donald Trump Remembers Limbaugh

Tucker: Rush Limbaugh Started To Fight Against Corporate Censorship 30 Years Ago

Charlie Sykes: Rush Limbaugh, ‘An Entertainer,’ ‘Laid Groundwork For Donald Trump’

Fox Business: NY Assemblyman Ron Kim Says Gov. Cuomo Threatened To ‘Destroy’ Him

Mark Steyn: If Rush Limbaugh’s Listeners Was a Nation, It Would Be One of the Most Powerful Nations on Earth

Texas Ag Commissioner: ‘If We Don’t Build Another Wind Turbine in Texas, That Will Be One Too Many’

Harris Starts Stammering When Asked About Biden’s Shifting Standards on School Openings

‘Rush Loved The People, Was Proud Of Country’ 45th President Donald Trump Remembers Limbaugh

Fox News: ‘Greatest Of All Time’ Rush Limbaugh’s Wife Kathryn Announced His Passing On His Radio Show

Donald Trump: Rush ‘Was Going Through Hell,’ and He Told Me He Was Married to an Angel

Fox News: Rush Limbaugh Had 20 Million Listeners Per Day Until He Lost His Battle With Cancer

Fox News: Rush Limbaugh Dead at 70 After Lung Cancer Battle

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

‘We Need To Knock This Off’: Lindsey Graham Calls For End To Trump, McConnell Feud

Laura Ingraham: Term ‘Institutional Racism’ Originated In 1967 Book, ‘Systemic Racism’ In ‘Everything’

Biden: There Should Be Much More Psychological Testing Within the Police Force

Biden: By End of July, Covid Vaccine Supply Will Be Available for All Americans

Houston Police Chief Blames State Texas Officials for Inefficient Power Supply

CNN: House Dem, NAACP Sue Trump, Giuliani Over Capitol Riot Alleging ‘Conspiracy To Incite Riot’

MSNBC’s Ari Melber Slams Cuomo for Comments About Nursing Home Deaths: ‘An Incriminating Defense’

CNN: Brooke Baldwin Announces She Will Be Leaving CNN Mid-April

The Lincoln Project Megadonor Reacts to Scandals: ‘We Need to Call a Spade a Spade and Account for That’

Rick Perry: If You Don’t Have the Diversity of Energy Sources, You’re Not Going to Have the Energy

CNN’s Lemon: Harris Didn’t Bail People in Minneapolis Out, She Just Tweeted About a Fund to Help Post Bail, ‘Which Is Entirely Legal’

CNN’s Keilar: Trucker Carlson’s Denied the Capitol Riot Was ‘Domestic Terrorism,’ that ‘Racism Was Involved’

‘BULLSH*T!’ Fox News Hot Mic Catches Larry Kudlow Raging at Kamala Harris For Claim About Vaccines

Scarborough: Ron Johnson Is Not Worthy To Be a United States Senator

Monday, February 15, 2021

Trump Lawyers Talk To Hannity After Securing Acquittal In Impeachment Trial

Devin Nunes Blasts Dems: It’s Not Normal Behavior To Present False Evidence to the Senate

Gov. Ron DeSantis: ‘We’re Going To Shift the Balance of Power Back to Consumers and Away From Big Tech’

Janice Dean Slams Cuomo as a ‘Liar Who Deflects and Blames Everyone Else’

Dem NY State Sen. Liu: The Senate and Assembly in NY Have Been Asking Cuomo for Info for Months

Joe Concha: The Lincoln Project ‘Is Now Dead’

RELATED: The Hill: The swift death of the media darlings known as the Lincoln Project

Biden Delivers Presidents’ Day Message: ‘I Know Better Days Are Ahead’

Gov. Cuomo Still Blaming Nursing Home Staff for Covid Deaths

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Democrat Introduced ‘Second Patriot Act’ Bill, Allowing Domestic Agencies To Increase Surveillance



Tapper Blasts Cuomo for Hiding Nursing Home Deaths, Trump ‘Not an Excuse’

McConnell After Acquittal: Trump ‘Did Not Get Away with Anything — Yet’

Lindsey Graham: McConnell Going To Be Center Stage In Taking Back Senate In 2022

Gov. Ron DeSantis: ‘Biden Is a Lockdowner, His Advisers Are Lockdowners, Lockdowns Don’t Work

Lindsey Graham Suggests Democratic Standard Would Allow Republicans To Impeach Kamala Harris

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Michael Van Der Veen Slams Lana Zak On House Managers Doctoring Evidence, Media 'Blood Thirsty For Ratings'

Senate Votes 57 to 43 Exonerating Donald Trump On One Article Of Impeachment

Michael Van Der Veen: House Democrats Shamefully Trampled Every Traditional Norm Of Due Process In This Impeachment Trial

Michael Van Der Veen: House Democrats Want Two Sets Of Standards, One For Themselves, One For Political Opposition

CNN: GOP Sen. Lee Gives Phone Records from Day of Riot to House Managers

Fmr. Assistant U.S. Attorney: Trump Impeachment Witnesses Could Extend Trial ‘at Least a Few Weeks’

ABC News: Senate Votes 55-45 to Allow Witnesses in Impeachment Trial - #UPDATE No Witnesses

CNN: Trump’s Defense Team Claims They Have a List of 300 Witnesses Prepared

Fox’s Turley Mocks Trump Defense Attorney’s ‘Anger Management Issues,’ Calls Philadelphia Depositions ‘Absurd’

Senate Chamber Openly Laughs at Trump Defense Lawyer van der Veen Call for Depositions in his ‘Phil-E-Delphia’ Office

Friday, February 12, 2021

Rep. Elise Stefanik: Sr. Aide To Gov. Cuomo Committed Federal Crime Obstructing Justice When Withholding Nursing Home Data From DOJ

Tucker: Sleazy, Vicious Democrat Party Propaganda Outlet ‘The Lincoln Project’ Has Finally Collapsed

CBS News: There Are Bipartisan Calls for an Investigation to Gov. Cuomo’s Alleged-Cover Up of Covid-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes

Senators Give Standing Ovation to Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman

Alan Dershowitz: ‘They’ve Won. All Lawyers For Former President Trump Presented Very Very Effective Rebuttals’

CNN: Kevin McCarthy Had ‘Profanity Laced’ Call On Jan. 6th ‘Begging’ Trump To ‘Call Off Rioters’

Jake Tapper: Never Seen Lawyers So Outmatched Like Trump Team, Calls Van Der Veen ‘Personal Injury Attorney’

Bruce Castor: Trump Called for Supporters to ‘Peacefully’ Make Voices Heard

Trump Lawyers Air Montage of Dems Calling for Violence, Trump Condemning It

Trump Lawyer: ‘You Can’t Incite What Was Already Going to Happen’

Trump Defense Attorney Destroys Charlottesville ‘Fine People On Both Sides’ Hoax

SOURCE: Twitter

Michael Van Der Veen Shows Video Montage Of Democrats Spewing Violent Rhetoric Directed At President Trump

Michael Van Der Veen: Even Political Speech Inciting Unlawful Conduct Is Protected From Government Punishment

Trump’s Lawyer Plays Video of Democrats Objecting to 2017 Electoral College Count

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Alex Berenson: We Are Taking Everything From Kids Because of a Virus That Is of No Risk To Them

CNN’s Blitzer Hits Fox News for Bailing on Trial to Interview Trump’s Lawyer: ‘Strange, Given the Historic Nature of What’s Going on’

Alan Dershowitz: Democrats Overplayed Hand In Impeachment Hearing, GOP Lawyers Will Make It Short

Janice Dean: Governor Cuomo Aide Admits Underreported Nursing Home Numbers Are Cover-Up

Fox News: Recall Effort To Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom Reaches Signature Goal, Continues To Collect More Signatures

Fox News: Lincoln Project Was Aware Against At Least 10 Harassment Allegations Against John Weaver

Dave Ramsey: ‘If $600 Or $1400 Changes Your Life You Were Already Screwed, Have Other Issues Going On’

Sen. Ran Paul: Our Cities Burned For Six Months, Kamala Harris Bailed Out Rioters, Different Standard For Bernie, Maxine


Huckabee on Minimum Wage: Why Stop at $15, Let’s Get an Auction Going on and Force Businesses to Pay Workers 50, 75, 100 an Hour

Rep. Ted Lieu: I’m Not Afraid Trump Will Run Again, I’m Afraid He Will Run And Lose

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Lindsey Graham: The FBI Knew that the Capitol Riot Was Pre-Planned, I Want to Know If Pelosi Knew About It

Mark Levin: ‘Russia Collusion Crowd Back,’ Impeachment Trial Lacking ‘Evidence’ Trump Incited Capitol Hill Riot

Tucker: Mark Cuban Is Fine with China Committing Genocide While Being Disgusted with America’s National Anthem

Larry Elder: Maxine Waters Is Former Black Panther, Chuck Schumer Wrote Letter In 1974 To Get Rid Of Black People

House Impeachment Managers Show Never Before Seen Footage of VP Mike Pence Being Escorted out of the Senate Chamber

President Biden Announces the U.S. Is Sanctioning Military Leaders Who Directed the Coup in Burma

White House Says Mavericks’ National Anthem Ban Recognizes U.S. Failings

House Democrats Pass Gradual $15 Minimum Wage Hike in Late Night Committee Vote

Rep. Swalwell: When We Talk About The Violent Mob, We Don’t Mean Everyone At Trump’s Rally

Twitter CFO Says Trump Ban is Permanent, Even if He Wins the Presidency in 2024

David Schoen: The Dems Make the Same Inflammatory Speeches But Nobody Really Listens to Them

Newsmax: Dershowitz Reacts To Trump Lawyer’s Defense ‘I Have No Idea What He Is Doing’

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Preet Bharara: Trump ‘In Jeopardy’ of Criminal Charges After Impeachment Trial

Tucker: Los Angeles Judge Orders ‘Soft-On-Crime’ D.A. Gascon To ‘Comply With The Law’

Ingraham: Dems Still Have ‘Zero Chance’ To Convict, Need 67 Votes, GOP Not Breaking Ranks

Hannity to David Schoen: Will You Be More Prepared in the Coming Days?

David Schoen: Dems Hired a Movie Company To Produce Their Video To ‘Trick’ the American People

ABC10: Sources: High-Powered Explosives Missing, Possibly Stolen From Southern California Military Base