Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Trump: ‘Great Meetings and Dinner’ with Kim in Vietnam, Joint Declaration to Come

Chris Christie on Cohen Hearing: Republicans Haven’t Defended Trump ‘on the Substance’

Dem Congresswoman Suggests ‘Criminal Prosecution’ For Matt Gaetz at Cohen Hearing

Michael Cohen: ‘I Don’t Know’ if Recording Clients Is Ethical

MAGA Hat Kid Assaulted in Hallway in Oklahoma High School

Cohen: Roger Stone Told Trump WikiLeaks Would Dump DNC Emails

Cohen: Trump Told Me ‘Black People Would Never Vote for Him Because They Were Too Stupid’

Cohen Admits to Rep. Jordan His Repeated Filing of False Tax Returns Had Nothing To Do with Trump

Cohen: ‘I Want to Apologize,’ Last Time I Testified Before Congress, ‘I Lied’

Fireworks at Opening of Cohen Hearing over Late Submission of Testimony: ‘Move to Waive the Rules’

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ted Deutch on Sex Abuse of Migrant Kids: ‘Incredibly Alarming,’ More than 1000 Cases Per Year

CNN’s Coates: The Judge Will Probably Be Lenient on Manafort

CNN’s Coates: The Judge Will Probably Be Lenient on Manafort

CNN’s Camerota Fantasizes About Seeing Robert Kraft ‘Along the Edge of the Highway Picking up Garbage’

Jorge Ramos Interviews Venezuelans Looking for Food in a Garbage Truck

Univision’s Jorge Ramos Speaks out After Being Detained in Venezuela: ‘They Don’t Want the World to See’

Monday, February 25, 2019

Fmr. Federal Prosecutor: Cohen Lying to Congress Doesn’t Necessarily Make Him an Unreliable Witness

Tammy Duckworth Says the Born-Alive Bill Is an Obvious Effort ‘To Bully Doctors out of Giving Reproductive Care’

Bernie Sanders Confronted on Sexual Harassment in His 2016 Campaign at CNN Town Hall

Prosecutor on Bob Kraft Case: Human Trafficking Is a Modern Day Slavery

Prosecutor on Bob Kraft Case: ‘We Need To Do Better in Encouraging Victims to Speak Up’

Prosecutor on Bob Kraft Case: We Are Charging 25 Individuals with Soliciting Another to Commit Prostitution

Former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell: The Entire Russia Collusion Narrative Was Made Up

Mimi Rocah: Women in Bob Kraft Day Spa Sting Were ‘Slaves’ Not Prostitutes

Warren Buffett Says He Would Support Mike Bloomberg for President

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Jack Keane: The Trump Admin Has Come to the Realization That N. Korea Will Not Denuclearize in Two Years

Rep. John Lewis Introduces Green Book with Stirring Speech: That Time in History Is ‘Seared in My Memory’

Trump Mocked in First Minute of Oscars: ‘Mexico Is Not Paying for the Wall’

DNC Chair on If Fox News Will Get One of the 2020 Dem Debates: ‘We Haven’t Made That Decision Yet’

Justin Fairfax Compares Himself to Lynching Victims During Speech Proclaiming His Innocence of Rape

Pope Francis: Priests Who Abuse Children, Tools Of Satan

Charlie Pierce: The Dem Field Will Be Cut in Half After California

David Webb: ‘Blacks, You Are Being Lied to If You Believe’ 2020 Dem Candidates ‘Will Deliver Reparations to You’

Joe Kennedy III Success of Capitalism in the US ‘Has Come on the Backs of an American Middle Class’

Schiff: ‘We Think’ Michael Cohen ‘Has a Lot to Offer’ on the Trump Tower Meeting and Other Issues

Friday, February 22, 2019

Chuck Todd Previews the Incoming ‘Mueller Storm’: DC Equivalent of a ‘Category 5 Hurricane’

Fox News: Labor Sec. Alexander Acosta Under Fire for Plea Deal in Jeffrey Epstein Case

Dave Portnoy: I Wouldn’t Put It Past Roger Goodell That Since He Can’t Beat Bob Kraft He Would Entrap Him

Fox News: Senior DoJ Official Says DoJ Is Not Expecting Mueller Report To Be Released Next Week

Fox News: House Dems Introduce Bill to Stop Trump’s National Emergency

MSNBC: R. Kelly Charged With Ten Counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse

ESPN’s Adam Schefter: A Source Told Me Kraft Is ‘Not the Biggest Name’ Caught up in This Sting

Kamala Harris Reveals She Has a Black Agenda During Breakfast Club Interview

Ocasio-Cortez Explains ‘Farting Cows’ in Green New Deal FAQ: Maybe We Shouldn’t Eat Burgers Three Times A Day

Fla. Police: NE Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Charged with Soliciting Prostitution

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mark Steyn Mocks Dems’ Call for Reparations: Include Canada Because America Also Stole Land from Them

Fox News: Judge Imposes Gag Order On Rodger Stone Preventing Him From Speaking About His Case

Tomi Lahren: Bernie Sanders’ ‘Big Gov’t Love Affair’ Will Undo Trump’s Accomplishments

Danielle DiMartino Booth Appears on FBN’s ‘Making Money with Charles Payne’ To Discuss Nike, Stock Market

Coast Guard Lieutenant Charged with Planning Mass Terror Attack; List of Targets Included Prominent Dems and Media Figures

Dem Rep. Meeks: Bernie Should Not Be ‘Allowed’ to Run in Dem Primary, He’s Not a Democrat

Keith Boykin, Van Jones Get Emotional Over Jussie Smollett’s ‘Betrayal’: He Owes Fans ‘Lifetime of Atonement’

Chicago Police: I Wish Families of Victims of Gun Violence Are Given This Kind of Attention

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Fox News: Kamala Harris' Father Donald Says Travesty Jamaican Heritage Connected With Fraudulent Stereotype Of Pot Smoking Joy-Seeker In Pursuit Of Identity Politics

Lin Wood: The Media Portrayed Nick Sandmann as the Face of Evil and The Washington Post Led the Way

Andrew McCabe Reveals Part of Trump’s ‘Rambling’ Letter Firing Comey For the First Time

Carlson Explains Why He Didn’t Air Interview with Dutch Historian

Gabbard: ‘The Libyan People Are Now Being Sold as Slaves in Open Markets’ Because We Removed Gaddafi

Tucker Carlson Blows Up at Guest in Leaked Recording of Spiked Interview: ‘Go F*ck Yourself’

Los Angeles Mayor: Biden Still Has that ‘Middle Class Joe’ Sensibility

Fmr. Federal Prosecutor: I Don’t Think the Public Will Ever See Full Mueller Report Unless It Leaks

Obama: ‘If You’re Very Confident About Your Sexuality You Don’t Have to Have Eight Women Around You Twerking’

CNN: Justice Department Preparing for Mueller Report as Early as Next Week

RNC Chair: Bernie Sanders Will Force Democrat to Lurch Further to the Left

Liberal Radio Host Blames Ronald Reagan for Homeless Crisis in California

Andrew McCabe: We Did Not Train on Investigating the President of the United States

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Paul Begala on Whitaker Story: If True ‘This Is Textbook Obstruction of Justice’

Bernie Runs For 2020, Fox Nation Visits Cuban Diner to Talk about Bernie Sanders’ Socialism

Judge Nap on McCabe: Trying to Manipulate the President out of Office Is Breath-Taking, Historic

Jim Jordan: You Can’t Trust Andy McCabe

McCabe: I Can’t Explain Why I Lied to Investigators ‘Because of the Lawsuit We’re About to File’

McCabe on Whether He Ever Saw Political Bias from Lisa Page, Peter Strzok: ‘Not Once’

Barnicle: Roger Stone Is Threatening a Federal Judge ‘in a Country Literally Awash in Gun Violence’

Monday, February 18, 2019

Lou Dobbs: Why Aren’t Republicans ‘Screaming for the Arrest of Andrew McCabe’?

‘The View’ Hosts Determine Elizabeth Warren Is Not ‘a Bad Bitch’ But Klobuchar and Kamala Are

Hannity Calls the Green New Deal a Ponzi Scheme

Trump: America Will Never Be a Socialist Country

CNN: UK Parliament Calls Facebook a ‘Digital Gangsters’

Kamala Harris Dodges on If She Stands by Her Tweet Calling Smollett News a ‘Modern Day Lynching’

Trump Confident Chris Ruddy Says White House Officials Discussing Ouster of DNI Dan Coats

Gasparino: AOC Really Doesn’t Understand Basic Economics, Makes Bill De Blasio Sound Sane

Bill Weld on Why He’s Running as a Republican: ‘I Want to Go Mano a Mano’ Against Trump

CNN: Sources Tell CNN that Chicago Police Believe Actor Jussie Smollett Paid Two Men to Orchestrate an Assault on Him

Sunday, February 17, 2019

MSNBC’s Hunt to DNC Comms Dir.: Are You Afraid of Dems Taking Things Too Far?

McCabe on Trump Saying His Wife’s Campaign Affected His FBI Work: ‘Sickening, Disgusting,’ Manipulating Lies ‘for His Own Advantage’

McCabe: Rosenstein Was ‘Counting Votes’ for a 25th Amendment Removal of Trump

ICYMI - FPI Podcast: Kamala Harris Moral Authority Gone Wild, Legal Authority Beyond Corrupt

  This is the podcast on Kamala Harris you've been waiting for. Just uploaded, fresh from the studio. Listen to how how Harris was a home-wrecker using her affair with Willie Brown as a bargaining chip and a stepping stone so she could move up through the ranks in California politics. How she deceived and lied to the State-wide coalition of law enforcement officials, fire fighters and drug court judges, by signing a pledge against drug legalization while planning to work with the drug lobby behind everyone's back. Harris is a corrupt, dishonest, progressive liar who will say and do anything to get elected!

Chris Wallace Calls Out Rush Limbaugh for Hypocrisy on Executive Actions

Chris Wallace Challenges Stephen Miller on the Need for a Border Wall

CNN’s Stelter on Smollett ‘Hate Crime’ Imploding: ‘This Is Not About the Media’

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Fox News: Pope Francis Defrocks U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Over Adult And Child Sex Abuse

Fox News: National Debt To Top $23 Trillion This Week

Fox News: Pat Caddell Passed Away At Age 68, Was Crucial Advisor To 1976 Carter Campaign

MSNBC Panel Celebrates Amazon Fleeing NYC: ‘5 Years Ago’ They Would Have Been Welcome

Maher to Democrats: ‘Let’s Not Eat Our Own’ in 2020

Maxine Waters Calls for Rallies Across America to Send Trump a Message: No ‘Fake Emergency’

Friday, February 15, 2019

CNN: W.H. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Interviewed by Mueller

MSNBC: Judge Puts a Partial Gag Order on Roger Stone and Attorneys

Ann Coulter Responds to Trump: ‘The Only National Emergency Is that Our President Is an Idiot’

Fox News: McCabe Now Says His 25th Amendment Comments ‘Taken out of Context’

Trump Spars with CNN’s Brian Karem: ‘Sit Down!’

Trump to Acosta: ‘You Have an Agenda Because You Are CNN, Fake News’

Trump: I Hardly Know Ann Coulter; Hannity, Rush Limbaugh ‘Don’t Decide Policy’

Trump: Declaring a National Emergency Is ‘a Great Thing to Do Because We Have an Invasion of Drugs’

Trump: ‘I’m Going To Be Signing a National Emergency, It’s Been Signed Many Times Before’

CNN Chyron: ‘Trump’s Annual Physical Shows He Now Is Obese’

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Harry Litman: McCabe’s Revelations Worse than a Saturday Night Massacre

Breakfast Club Radio Hosts Bury Fox News over Kamala Harris ‘Reefergate’: They’re ‘Absolutely, Positively Lying’

Alan Dershowitz on McCabe’s Claim DOJ Looked at Ousting Trump Via 25th Amendment: ‘Clearly an Attempt at a Coup D’├ętat’

McConnell Says Trump Will Sign Border Compromise and Declare National Emergency

CNN: Avenatti Found R. Kelly’s Underage Sex Tape, and We Watched It

Dave Cullen on Gun Control Post-Parkland: ‘We Haven’t Done Jack Sh*t’

Ocasio-Cortez Celebrates New York Rejecting Amazon: ‘I Think It’s Incredible!’

Pence Says Trump ‘Not Happy’ with Border Compromise, $1.3 Billion Fence Dough a ‘Disappointment’

Rep. Garamendi on Barr’s Confirmation: I’m Very Concerned

Rep. Garamendi: ‘I’m Very Concerned’ What Trump Can Do After Bipartisan Deal Is Signed

Judge Nap Rips McCabe: He Just Admitted an ‘Effort to Dislodge the President of the United States’

Sen. Stewart on McCabe’s 25th Amendment Comment: It’s Essentially ‘a Coup’ and ‘Treason’

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Rove on Cory Booker’s Vegan Diet: You’re Entitled to Your Food Choice But Don’t Lecture Me for Eating Steak

Dem Strategist to Tucker: You Railed Against the Clintons for Obstruction of Justice Yet Defend Roger Stone

Sherrod Brown: I Won’t Take Position on Green New Deal

David Hogg Attacks USA Today: ‘One of the Worst Offenders’ Publicizing School Shooters

David Hogg: With AR-15 ‘You Are Not Defending Yourself You Are Hunting a Human Being’

Tomi Lahren: ‘New Socialist Clowns’ Want a Complete Restructuring of America

Monday, February 11, 2019

Trump Mocks Beto’s Rally: He Has Only 200-300 People Against Our 35,000

Evan Siegfried, Christine Quinn Discuss Amy Klobuchar, 2020 Race

Judge Nap on AMI/Bezos: If They Are Prosecuted for Being Part of the Michael Cohen Conspiracy, [That’s] Bad News for the President

Kamala Harris Reveals She’s Inhaled: Marijuana ‘Gives a Lot of People Joy and We Need More Joy’

Derek Thompson: AMI’s Behaving Like a Mafia Organization that Happens to Own a Magazine

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Drake’s Grammy Speech Was Cut-Off After He Says a Grammy Isn’t Needed as Validation

Cherokee Nation Citizen and Expert Destroys Warren on MSNBC: She ‘Has Zero Cherokee Ancestry’

Schiff: ‘We Would Have Been Waiting for a Year and a Half’ If We Waited for Mueller Report to Start Investigating Trump

Howard Schultz Staffer Bill Burton: ‘Cheap Shot’ to Call Him a ‘Billionaire’

Gov. Ralph Northam: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ Because ‘Virginia Needs Someone that Can Heal’

Gov. Ralph Northam Defends Va. AG: ‘‘I Am Sure, Just Like Me, He Has Grown’’

Gov. Ralph Northam on Lt. Gov. Fairfax: These Accusations ‘Need To Be Taken Seriously’

Mick Mulvaney: Trump Can’t Work with Dems Who ‘Punch Him in the Face’ with Oversight

Dershowitz on AMI/Bezos: ‘You Can Both Be an Agent, If That’s True, and You Can Also Be Exercising Your First Amendment Rights’

Friday, February 8, 2019

Chris Wallace: ‘Rich’ for GOP to Decry Whitaker Proceedings After Obama-Era Hearings, Benghazi

CNN: Feds Investigating Bezos’ Claims Against National Enquirer

Kurtz: ‘Make No Mistake...Justin Fairfax in Deep Trouble’ with Second Accuser

Barbara Comstock: Hypocrisy By Dems over Fairfax Assault Allegations Is ‘Really Stunning’

Classless ABC Thrusts Sexist ‘Art’ at Ivanka Trump: ‘How Does It Make You Feel?’

Cory Booker Compares the Green New Deal to Fighting the Nazis, Moon Landing, & Marshall Plan

Rep. Cohen Yells at Whitaker: ‘Are You Overseeing a Witch Hunt?’

Rep. Jim Jordan Grills Whitaker Over Rod Rosenstein’s Memo on Mueller’s Scope

Eric Swalwell: I Find Whitaker To Be Disrespectful Toward the Process

CNN Panel Shreds National Enquirer After Bezos Post: ‘Disgraceful Journalism, Appalling Behavior’

Surveillance Video from FBI Raid of Roger Stone’s Home

Kellyanne Conway Tells CNN’s Dana Bash She Was Assaulted at a Restaurant By an ‘Unhinged’ Woman

Whitaker: ‘It Was Deeply Concerning to Me as to How CNN Found Out’ About Stone’s Arrest

Pelosi Dodges on Radical Components on AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’: ‘I Haven’t Seen It’ — Ends Presser

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hannity: Ocasio-Cortez "Green New Deal" Eliminating Fossil Fuels, Air Travel, Cow Flatulence Would Cost $13.4 Trillion

CNN’s Cuomo on Nat’l Enquirer Threats Against Bezos: ‘Is This Just Political Intrigue or a Crime? Extortion?’

Wash. Post’s Roig-Franzia: Bezos’ Security Suggests Foreign Entities and Trump Are Linked with Nat’l Enquirer’s Blackmail

VP Pence Tells DEA ‘We Will Build that Wall’

Howard Schultz Beg for Applause During ‘Major Policy Speech’ Seen by Roughly 200 People

Bill Bennett: Millennials ‘Sympathy’ for Socialism ‘Speaks’ to ‘their Education and Their Lack of Historical Knowledge’

Zerlina Maxwell: Blackface Is ‘a Dehumanized, Animalistic, and Racist Portrayal’ of Blacks

Trump at National Prayer Breakfast: ‘I Will Never Let You Down’

Ocasio-Cortez: Fixing Global Warming Requires ‘Massive Government Intervention’

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Christine Mikolajuk: ‘Only 10% of Green Cards Are Given to People Because of Their Jobs and Skills’

Spike Lee on Blackface at College: ‘Frat Boys Dressing in Negative Costumes’ to This Day

Monica Crowley on Trump’s SOTU: ‘The Democrats Looked Radical, Extreme, and Petulant’

Elizabeth Warren Says She’s Sorry for Listing ‘American Indian’ as Her Race on a 1986 Registration Card for the State Bar of Texas

CNN’s Cillizza: Warren’s Campaign Is Already ‘Swirling Downward’ Before Even Officially Announced

Trump on Adam Schiff Launching Investigation into His Finances: It Is Called Presidential Harassment

Matt Gaetz Demands Parkland Survivors Be Removed from Gun Violence Hearing After Being Interrupted Several Times

Fox News: Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring Now Says He Wore Black Face

Marie Harf Defends Warren: ‘I Don’t Think Any of Us Should Play DNA Police’

Mercedes Schlapp: ‘President Trump Is the Ultimate Freedom Fighter’

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Trump to Holocaust and Pittsburgh Massacre Survivor After Being Sung ‘Happy Birthday:’ They Wouldn’t Do that For Me, Judah

WaPo Report: Elisabeth Warren Lists Ethnicity "American Indian" On Texas Bar Registration Card

Trump Gets Applause from Democrats: ‘No One Has Benefitted More from Our Thriving Economy than Women’

Trump: ‘We Renew Our Resolve that America Will Never Be a Socialist Country’

Trump: ‘Chairman Kim and I Will Meet Again on Feb. 26th and 27th in Vietnam’

Rep. Ilhan Appears to Cry After Trump Decries Tolerance of Illegal Immigration

Sens. Harris and Schumer Scowl After Trump Said Human Traffickers Being Put out of Business

Trump Introduces D-Day Vets in Attendance: ‘Gentlemen, We Salute You’

Trump: ‘Victory Is Not Winning for Our Party, Victory Is Winning for Our Country’

Joseph Moreno Appears on CNNi’s ‘International Desk’ To Discuss Trump Inaugural Committee Subpoena

Chaffetz: It’s a ‘Failure’ By Congress to Not Secure the Border, Not Trump

Monday, February 4, 2019

DNC Chair on Northam: ‘I Hope and I Actually Expect That He Will Step Down’

Tucker on Calls for Northam to Resign: When Is It Okay to Forgive Past Mistakes?

Anderson Cooper to Cornel West: How Do You Atone for Past Racism?

Mark Steyn: Erin Burnett Perfectly Cool With Abortion, She Just Doesn't Want A Guy In Black Face Doing It

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Lauds ‘El Chapo’s Innovative Techniques’: ‘The Wall Wouldn’t Have Stopped This Guy’

Gerald Connolly: Ralph Northam ‘Is a Man without a Country Right Now’

Va. Lt. Gov. Suggests Gov. Northam Is Behind New Report He Abused Woman

Va. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax Denies Sexual Assault Claim: ‘Completely False and ... Uncorroborated’

CEO & Army Vet Tyler Merritt: ‘Offensive’ CBS Rejected Our Pro-Flag Ad

Roger Stone Says Gag Order Will Prevent Him from Raising Money for Defense

Ian Bremmer: Iran’s Trying to Run out the Clock on What They Hope Would Be Only a One-Term Trump Presidency

CBS Discloses Gayle King’s Friendship with Booker After Not Doing So in Earlier Interviews

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Del Percio on Northam: ‘He Cannot Serve ... It’s Time for Him to Resign’

MSNBC on Northam Presser: ‘Terrible Attempt at Damage Control,’ ‘Unacceptable He Didn’t Resign’

Northam on Wearing Blackface: ‘I Will Never Do It Again’

Gov. Northam: I Was Not In That Costume Either As Back Face or KKK, It's Not Me

Dem Rep. Steve Cohen Tears Into Northam: ‘He’s Less Popular Than Howard Schultz Right Now’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says He Doesn’t Know Why Alex Jones Is Banned