Friday, June 30, 2017

Mark Levin Rips Scarborough, Compares Him to the Banjo Player from ‘Deliverance’

Sanders Blames Trump for FBI Investigation into His Wife and Burlington College

Geraldo: Scarborough Can Be ‘Very Obnoxious’ and I ‘Wanted to Punch Him Out in a Bar One Time’

Scarborough: Trump ‘Attacks Women, Because He Fears Women’

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ed Henry: Trump’s ‘Morning Joe’ Tweet Could ‘Overshadow’ a Night of ‘Big Victories’ to Keep America Safe

John Heilemann on Trump Tweet: ‘Looks Like I Want to Strap a Suicide Vest On’

CNBC Editor: Media Must Remember Readers Not as ‘Stupid as We Think They Are’

Tucker Grills Travel Ban Opponent: How Does It Benefit Us to Have Tons of Immigrants from Somalia Come Here?

FNC Montage: ‘Morning Joe’ Trashes Trump

Maxine Waters Says ‘700 Billion’ Will Lose Coverage Under TrumpCare

Gingrich on Trump: I Love 80-90 Percent of His Tweets But the Last 10 Percent Is Hopeless

W.H. on Trump’s ‘Morning Joe’ Tweet: He’s Not Going to Sit Back and Be Attacked by the Liberal Media Elite

Scarborough, Brzezinski Have Domestic-Style Squabble: ‘I’m Not Fighting You on This!’

Mary Katharine Ham: Trump’s Tweet About Joe and Mika Is ‘Obviously Disgusting’

Bret Stephens Announces He’s Quit Twitter: ‘It’s Like Political Pornography’

Senator Moore Capito Explains Opposition to Health Care Bill

Hannity Tells Jeff Zucker How to Save His Career

John Podesta Unloads on Maria Bartiromo: Go Back and Get Your Facts Maria!!!

Sen. Rand Paul on Health Care Bill: There’s Not a Lot of Support for This Bill

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tucker Carlson, Mark Steyn Mock CNN’s Brian Stelter for ‘Converting’ Journalists into a ‘Victim Group’

Sharyl Attkisson: Journalists Are Suspending Normal Rules of Journalism Because They Think Trump Is Such a Threat

Ana Navarro: ‘I’m So Old the C-Word Used To Be Something Entirely Different’

Krauthammer: Making the Case the ObamaCare Is Dead Is Not Working

Jason Chaffetz: Comey Was Very Elusive When I Asked Him About Notes

H.R. McMaster: Trump Directed Us to Prepare a Range of Options, Including a Military Option on N. Korea

Kilmeade: Hillary’s the ‘Worst Loser Ever’

Wash. Post’s Fahrenthold: Trump’s Fake Time Cover Has Become Part of Redecoration of Golf Clubs

Joe Concha: Let’s Move on from Russia and Talk About the Issues People Actually Care About

Tammy Bruce: Reagan Wold Tell Trump To Be More Involved with Health Care and Use More Stick than Carrot

Hume: White House Briefings Are TV Drama, Not Real Information

Sanders Refuses to Say Whether His Wife Is Under FBI Investigation

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lou Dobbs: ‘Missteps’ in Passing Trump’s Agenda Is a ‘Failure of Leadership’ By Ryan and McConnell

Huckabee: ‘The CBO Number Is Very Misleading’

Gingrich: Mueller’s ‘Out on a Hunt to Try and Get’ Trump

Yellen: Banks ‘Very Much Stronger’; Another Financial Crisis Not Likely ‘in Our Lifetime’

Mark Penn: Majority of Americans Say Russia Investigations Are Hurting the Country

Fox News: European Union Hits Google with $2.7 Billion Anti-Trust Fine

CNN Producer Admits: The Russia Story ‘Is Mostly Bullsh*t’

Hannity to Newt Gingrich: ‘We’ve Almost Been a Sole Voice’ of ‘Sanity in the Media’

Warren Buffett Endorses Single-Payer Health Care: ‘We Can Afford To Do It’

CNN: White House Identifies Preparation of Another Chemical Weapons Attack By Assad

Tucker Carlson: Idi Amin Would Get More Balanced Coverage on CNN than Trump

Monday, June 26, 2017

CNN: SCOTUS Declines to Hear 2nd Amendment Cases

Mike Rogers: There Is No Way to Properly Vet the Countries Listed Under Travel Ban

Judge Nap: The Fight Over Replacing Kennedy Will Make the Gorsuch One Seem Like a Picnic

Fox News: Study Shows Seattle’s $15 Min. Wage Kills Low Wage Jobs, Lowers Income for Low Skilled Workers

Limbaugh: Obama Didn’t Do Anything on Russia Because There Wasn’t Anything To Do!

Andy Slavitt: GOP Health Care Bill ‘Essentially Violating’ Trump’s Proposals

CNN’s Acosta Again Tears into Trump for ‘Eroding the Traditions’ of W.H. Press Coverage

Franken on Travel Ban: ‘Our Role as a Nation Is to Take People Who Are Refugees from War-Torn Nations’

CNN: SCOTUS to Hear Religious Freedom Case Involving Christian Baker

Donahue: ‘We Got a P*ssygrabber for President’ Because ‘We Let It Happen, We Didn’t Vote’

Hume: ‘Can Anybody Identify the Crime’ Trump Committed?

Pelosi Appears Irritated After CBS Plays Montage of Democrats Calling for Her Ouster: ‘They Had Their Time on TV

CNN’s Stelter: The Trump Administration ‘Rolling Back Press Access Inch By Inch By Inch’

Conway: It’s Not for Us to ‘Speculate’ About Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement; It’s His Decision

Eric Trump Slams Tom Perez: The ‘Head of the DNC Is Quite Frankly a Nut Job’

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mo Brooks: My Bill ‘Empowers’ Lawmakers to Carry a Concealed Weapon Except Around POTUS or the VP

Trump: ‘I Always Felt Like’ Veterans ‘Were Not Given a Fair Shake’

Bill Clinton: Heroin Will ‘Eat Us All Alive’

Kasich: ‘I Don’t Think Either Party Particularly Cares About Helping Poor People’

Conway: ‘Pouring Money’ into Drug Addiction ‘Is Not the Only Answer’

Conway: We’re Trying to Expand Choice, Lower Premiums, and Get Rid of the Obamacare Taxes

Kyle Courtney on Billboard Slamming ABC News on Collusion: ‘They Used To Be News; They Used To Be Journalists’

Watters to Jesse Ventura: Were You High on Pot When You Sued Chris Kyle’s Widow?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alan Dershowitz: ‘Absolutely Not,’ I Don’t Have Faith in Mueller To Be Nonpartisan

Mike Pompeo: Trump Admin Plans on ‘Punishing’ Leakers

CIA Director Mike Pompeo Says Leaking on Rise Thanks to ‘Worship’ of Edward Snowden

CIA Director Pompeo: Trump Is an ‘Avid Consumer’ of Intelligence

Montage: Dems to Pelosi, Thanks, But Please Hit the Road

Tucker to Mark Glaze: If You Tried to Confiscate Our Guns, You’d Have a Civil War in About 10 Minutes

Carrie Sheffield Rips Gruber for ‘Middle Finger’ Comment: ‘If You Want to Keep Losing Elections, Keep Talking that Way’

Physician Fighting Ill. Law that Forces Him to Inform Patients About Abortion: It Is a ‘Complete Affront’ to My Beliefs

Hannity: ‘I Want Hillary Prosecuted Because She Committed Felonies’

Veteran on VA Accountability Bill: ‘Today Was a Good Day for Veterans Nationwide’

Scott Davis: New VA Accountability Bill an ‘Opportunity’ to Change How They’ve Treated Whistleblowers

Friday, June 23, 2017

CNN: Johnny Depp Apologizes for Assassination Remark About Trump

Andre Carson: Nancy Pelosi Is a ‘Phenomenal Leader’

Lawrence Jones on Johnny Depp: ‘It’s Time For Law Enforcement Officials to Prosecute These People’

Fox News: Trump Supporter Buys Billboard Space Slamming ABC News over Collusion Allegations

Blumenthal: Journalists Are the Heroes of the Trump Era

Fox News: Comey Spotted Going into the NYT Building on Thursday

Tim Ryan: Dem National Brand Is Dragging Down Candidates in Races

Rand Paul on Health Care Bill: The Federal Government Shouldn’t Be Giving Any Money to Insurance Companies

Tucker: ‘It Is Not Really Journalism What CNN Is Practicing Anymore; It’s Advocacy’

Hannity Montage: Morning Joe’s Trump Meltdown

Dan Bongino: To Tell Illegal They Can Live Off the Taxpayer Is Not the American Dream, It’s the American Nightmare

Lou Dobbs Mocks Pelosi for ‘Politically Astute’ Comment: ‘You’ve Got to Admire Her Humility’

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: FBI ‘Did Virtually Nothing’ to Help DNC After Hack; Never Asked for Servers

Fox News: Mexico Now the Second Deadliest Country in the World as Crime Wave Sweeps Country

Ned Ryun: Russia Didn’t Cause Dems to Lose 1100 Seats Since 2010 or GOP To Have 33 Governor’s Mansions

Cosby Spox: He Plans to Tour America Teaching the Youth About Sexual Assault

Johnny Depp Jokes About Assassination of Trump

Gruber: Secret GOP Health Care Process a ‘Middle Finger to Representative Democracy’

Gingrich: I Hope the Dems Keep Nancy Pelosi for Another Decade

Jordan Sekulow: ‘There Is Lot to Investigate’ with Comey and Leaking Docs and His Conduct with AG Lynch

Cruz: Bill Doesn’t Do Enough to Lower Premiums

CNN’s Blitzer Calls 142 Page GOP Health Care Bill ‘Very, Very Complex’ and ‘Not Easy Reading’

Gowdy: I’m Going to Let Mueller Figure out If Jared Kushner Committed a Crime with Classified Information

FNC Montage: Media Portrayed Special Election as Referendum on Trump

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Chris Murphy: Russia Issue Is a Distraction that Is Hurting Democrats

FBI: We Are Investigating Stabbing of Officer at Airport as an Act of Terrorism

Seth Moulton Dodges on Whether Pelosi Is a ‘Liability’ for the Party in 2018

FBI: James Hodgkinson Was Known to Have an ‘Anger Management Problem’

ABC on GOP Win in Georgia: A ‘Vote of Confidence’ in Trump

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Karen Handel: I Think Steve Scalise Called Me ‘The Terminator’ in One of His Texts

Fox News: Evidence Whether Obama Spied on the Trump Team Under Lock and Key at Obama’s Library

CNN’s Lemon: A Republican Winning in Georgia Shouldn’t Be Breaking News

MSNBC: Early Voting Numbers Signal Handel May Pull out Victory in Special Election

Fox News: As Many as 5.7 Million Illegals May Have Voted in 2008

Monday, June 19, 2017

Huckabee: ‘America Needs to Say Two Words to Donald Trump, Thank You’

Charlie Hurt: SCOTUS Ruling on Trademarks Shows the 1st Amendment Is There to Protect Offensive Speech

Jack Keane on Otto Warmbier: ‘I Totally Agree There Was a Murder Committed Here By the North Koreans’

Zuhdi Jasser: Opposite Reaction of Hyper-Nationalism, Bigotry, Racial Supremacy Is Feeding into ISIS’ Narrative

CNN: New Ad Uses Scalise Shooting Against Jon Ossoff in Ga. Race

Sunday, June 18, 2017

FPI Podcast: Summation Of The Left: "Frame The Republicans Before They Kill You."

Turley: Mueller Was Not a ‘Good Choice’; Rosenstein ‘Used Poor Judgment’ and ‘Needs to Recuse Himself’

Cosby Spox: For All Those Attorneys Who Conspired Like Gloria Allred, Tell Them to Go Back to Law School

GOP Rep. Claudia Tenney: Hodgkinson’s List of GOP Targets Is ‘Disturbing’ and Shooting Looks ‘Premeditated’

Jay Sekulow: ‘The President Is Not and Has Not Been Under Investigation for Obstruction’

CNN: Missing U.S. Sailors Found Dead in Flood Compartments of USS Fitzgerald

Rubio: ‘Hopefully We’re Getting Closer to the Day’ When Cuba Will Have Free and Fair Elections

Adam Schiff Likens Trump Firing Comey to an Employer Firing Someone for Rejecting Sexual Advances

Gingrich: Mueller Has Brought in Lawyers Who Hid Evidence and Defended the Clinton Fdn. Against FOIA

Saturday, June 17, 2017

MSNBC: Trump Reverses Pledge to Deport DREAMers

CNN’s Acosta: Trump ‘Ushering a Return to the Cold War Between Washington and Havana’

David Stockman Warns: S&P 500 Is Set to Crash up to 35 Percent

Peter King: The Political Climate ‘Has Hit a Very Dangerous Level’ and It’s Time to Say ‘Knock It Off’

Herman on Mistrial Declared in Bill Cosby Case: ‘This Was a Politically Motivated Prosecution’

Fox News: Baseball Shooter Has List of Republican Lawmaker Names

Judith Miller: I Hope Megyn Kelly Asks Alex Jones Tougher Questions than She Asked Did Putin

Lisa Boothe: ‘The Special Counsel Is Doing Himself No Favors’ By Leaking

Friday, June 16, 2017

Chuck Fleischmann to Steve Scalise: ‘America Began Its Healing Process Last Night and You Led the Way’

Major Garrett: Rosenstein’s Warning on Anonymous Sources May ‘Echo’ Trump’s ‘Disdain’ for Russia Reporting

Huckabee: Leakers Making Stuff up to Make Trump ‘Look Bad’ in an Effort to ‘Overthrow’ Him

Alex Jones Claims He Recorded Megyn Kelly: ‘It’s Not Gonna Be Some Gotcha Hit Piece’

Thursday, June 15, 2017

GOP Rep. Mike Bost: Shooter ‘Contacted’ Our Office 10 Times Over the Last 11 Months

CNN: Steve Scalise in Surgery for the Third Time

Gloria Allred on Cosby Jury Deadlock: ‘This Is Not a Vindication of Anybody and It’s Not the End’

Putin Compares Comey to Snowden, Offers Him Political Asylum

CNN: Pence Retains Outside Counsel for Russia Probe

Trump: Tonight, You’re Showing the World We Won’t Be Intimidated By Threats, Violence

‘Morning Joe’ Discuses Hateful Rhetoric

Father of U.S. Student Released by North Korea: Obama Admin Could Have Done More

Scaramucci on Trump: There’s a Lot of Fight in Him and He’s Not Going to Take This Stuff Sitting Down’

Rep. Sanford: The Last 24 Hours on Capitol Hill Have Been Surreal

Fmr. Clinton Independent Prosecutor Ken Starr: No Obstruction Case Against Trump from Evidence We’ve Seen So Far

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hannity: WaPo’s Story of Mueller Investigating Trump Will Get Debunked Just Like Every Story They Put Out

John Dean: It Would Be a ‘Suicide Course’ for Trump to Fire Robert Mueller

Eric Bolling: ‘How Many Innocent People Have to Die Before We Realize that Words Do Matter?’

McAuliffe Corrects ‘93 Million a Day’ Lost to Guns Claim

Limbaugh: Va. Shooter the Personification of ‘the Lunatic Fringe Base, the Deranged Base of the Democrat Party’

CNN: Steve Scalise in Critical Condition After Surgery

CNN: Video Shows Moment Gunman Fired on Congressmen

Capitol Police: ‘We Did Engage in Gunfire with a Suspect’

Rand Paul: Capitol Police ‘Were Real Heroes’ and ‘Without Them’ Everybody ‘Would Have Been Killed’

Fox News: Trump Tweets Out Reaction to Congressional Baseball Shooting: ‘We Are Deeply Saddened by This Tragedy’

Sen. Jeff Flake Describes Shooting: ‘Two of the Capitol Police Were Shot’

Jeff Duncan Told Reporter He Talked to Someone He Believed Was Shooter that Asked, ‘Is This a Team of Republicans or Democrats?’

Senator Jeff Flake: It Looks Like There Was One Shooter Who Knew What He Was Doing

Rand Paul: ‘It Would Have Been a Massacre’ Had Capitol Police Not Been at Field

Fox News: Rep. Scalise, Several Congressional Staffers Shot During Baseball Practice

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Judge Nap: I’m Satisfied Sessions Answered Honestly and Acquitted Himself Nicely

Hannity Warns About ‘Forces’ Trying to Stop Trump: ‘This Is a Serious Moment of Truth for America’

Sessions: Suggestion that I Participated in Collusion with Russians to Hurt the U.S. Is an ‘Appalling’ Lie

Sessions: I Recommended Comey’s Removal

Sen. Feinstein Grills Sessions: ‘How Exactly Were You Involved in the Termination of Director Comey?’

Sessions Fires Back at Ron Wyden: ‘This Is Secret Innuendo Being Leaked out There About Me’

Sessions: ‘I Have Confidence in Mr. Mueller’

Judge Nap: Sessions Testifying Is ‘Fraught with Danger’

Hannity: Robert Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Needs To Be ‘Shut Down Immediately’