Wednesday, November 30, 2016

MSNBC’s Todd on Democratic Party After Election: ‘Doesn’t Get Much Lower than This’

Schiff: I Don’t How Trump Can Square Picking Petraeus After Attacking Hillary’s Emails on the Campaign Trail

Tucker Carlson Grills ‘Newsweek’ Editor over ‘Madam President Edition’: ‘It’s Pure Throne Sniffing’

Fox News: Obama Blames Fox News for Election Loss in Rolling Stone Interview

Priebus: Trump Will Be the ‘Fighter for the American Worker’

Mnuchin: We Can ‘Absolutely’ Get to 3 to 4 Percent GDP

Mnuchin: We Will Fund Infrastructure Without Ballooning the Deficit

Begala on Trump & Carrier: ‘I Applaud Him Using Bully Pulpit’ to Keep Jobs in America’

Zeke Emanuel: Millions of People Will Lose Coverage Under GOP Plans to Replace Obamacare

CNBC: Steve Mnuchin & Wilbur Ross Confirm They’ve Been Nominated for Trump’s Cabinet

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Newt: Trump Has To Be ‘Unreasonable’ with D.C. ‘Because the Swamp Doesn’t Want To Be Drained’

Turley: The Flag Represents ‘Our Collective Rights’ and It’s Not Honored By ‘Abridging Those Rights’

Fox Insider: DNC Chair Candidate Proposed Making a Separate Country for Black Americans


Romney: Trump Did Something I Was ‘Unsuccessful in Accomplishing’; ‘He Won the General Election’

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Flag Burning Americans: ‘They Don’t Hate the Country!’

Frmr. President of Mexico Vicente Fox Compares Trump to Fidel Castro

ABC News: Donald Trump to Meet With Retired Gen. David Petraeus and Mitt Romney


Barnicle to Dem Rep: Why Have Dems Been Losing Their Majority Consistently?

McCarthy: ‘I Don’t Know Why Anybody Would Want to Burn an American Flag’

Michael Steele: Trump Going Around the Media with Admin Picks Is ‘Unsettling’ for D.C.

Fox News: Clinton May Be Laying Groundwork for 2020 Run with ‘Viral Encounters’ with Fans

Ingraham: Gov’t ‘Facilitating’ Recruitment and Radicalization ‘By Refusing to Reexamine’ Refugee Policy

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Equates Climate ‘Deniers’ with Proponents of ‘Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide’

MSNBC: Trump Taps Tom Price To Be HHS Secretary

CNN: Gingrich Wants Revenge on Romney for Kicking Him out of the 2012 Race

Monday, November 28, 2016

Tucker Carlson Grills Fmr. Clinton Aide on Recount: ‘There Is a Possibility They Could Overturn the Results of the Election’

Katrina Pierson: Clinton Donors Are ‘Piling’ Money for Recount

Jason Miller: Conway Had Trump’s Approval to Voice Disagreement to Romney Appointment

Newt: ‘I Can’t Imagine Anybody Who Will Be a Tougher Leader or Advocate for America’ than Giuliani

Fox Guest: We Should Send the Surgeon General to Castro’s Funeral to Verify He’s Really Dead

Chris Collins: Romney ‘Has a Chip on His Shoulder’ and ‘Thinks He Should Be President’

MSNBC: Obama Urged Clinton to Concede the Election

Brzezinski Attacks Giuliani for 9/11: ‘That Was under His Watch’

ABC’s Tom Llamas: Trump Statement on Castro Sounds Like ‘It Was Drafted from a Coffee Stand in Little Havana’

Tim Ryan: If Dems Don’t Get the Middle of the Country, We’ll Never Be in the Majority Again

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sacramento Bee: How California became a very blue state

2016 Presidential Election Results / NY Times
By Dan Walters, Nov. 27, 2016, Sacramento Bee

Demography, it’s been said, is destiny – and the outcome of California’s election this month proves it again.

California’s political evolution over the last four decades, from a mostly red state to a purple state and finally to a very blue state, corresponds to its powerful demographic trends, driven largely by equally powerful economic forces.

During that period – spanning Jerry Brown’s two governorships and four others in between – the state’s economy moved from industrialism to a post-industrial mélange of technology, trade and services.

Those changes, plus California’s location on the Pacific Rim and adjacent to Mexico, spurred a massive influx of immigrants from other nations and a new baby boom that increased its population by more than 75 percent. Once overwhelmingly white, California became overwhelmingly nonwhite, with Latinos now the largest single ethnic group.

But there’s more to California’s demographic evolution than simple ethnicity. Its reputation for social tolerance and upward mobility also made the state a magnet – or a haven – for those of all ethnicities, genders and cultural inclinations seeking new beginnings.

Brad Blakeman: ‘Nonsense’ That Hillary Joined Recount Effort Just to Keep Jill Stein Honest

Rubio: I’m Taking Trump at His Word that He Will Roll Back the Cuba Deal

Sanders Refuses to Say If He Supports Jill Stein’s Recount

Cruz on Past Comments Calling Trump a Liar: ‘I’m Not Going to Re-Litigate the Past’

Huckabee: I’m Not Sure an Apology from Romney ‘Suddenly Qualifies Him To Be Secretary of State’

Rubio: If Obama Sends Someone to Castro’s Funeral, He’s Sending Someone to a Funeral of a Man’s Who Killed Americans

Conway: ‘I’m Not Campaigning’ Against Romney for Sec. of State; ‘I’m a Concerned Citizen’

Saturday, November 26, 2016

CNN: Clinton to join recount that Trump calls ‘scam’


Fox News: Harvard Prof. Lawrence Lessig Urging Electors to Choose Hillary Clinton

FBN Montage: Trump vs. Romney

Fox News: Iran Using Boeing Airplanes to Smuggle Weapons to Hezbollah and Other Terror Groups

CNN: Trump to Meet with Sheriff David Clarke on Monday

Farage: Trump Needs a Sec. of State Who Recognizes that Missions Like Libya and Iraq Made the World Less Safe

Sarah Isgur Flores: Young People Don’t Want ‘Cadillac’ Plan Where It Covers Body Parts They Don’t Have

Fox News: ISIS Using Drones to Scout Out Targets and Launch Attacks

Fox News: Fidel Castro Has Died

Friday, November 25, 2016

CBS News: Jill Stein files for a recount in Wisconsin: What you need to know


Fox News: Elizabeth Warren Calling for Investigation of Trump’s ‘Chaotic’ Transition Team

FLASHBACK: Chris Wallace: ‘I Would Be Surprised’ if Romney Ends up as Sec. of State

CNN: Trump Names Don McGhan as W.H. Counsel, KT McFarland as Deputy Security Adviser

Issa: ‘Important’ that Trump Stay out of the Clinton Investigations

Gohmert: We’re Not Giving Federal Money to Sanctuary Cities So They Can ‘Perpetuate Some RICO Action’

Fox News: Shooting Deaths of Police up Nearly 70 Percent over Last Year

Fox News: Arson Fires Rage Across Israel in Cases of Possible Terrorism

Mollie Hemingway: ‘ObamaCare Is Going to Die No Matter What’

WFLA: Official White House Christmas Tree to be delivered today

By WFLA Staff, Nov. 25, 2016

(WFLA) — First Lady Michelle Obama will welcome the Official White House Christmas Tree to the White House on Friday morning.

This year’s White House Christmas Tree, which will be on display in the Blue Room, is a 19 foot Douglas Fir donated by a tree farm in Pennsylvania.

First Lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to receive the tree at 11 a.m.


Fox News: Pentagon Confirms an American Service Member Has Been Killed in Syria

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Rep. DesJarlais on Romney: Trump’s ‘Not Going to Let Personal Vendettas’ Get in the Way of Progress

Gorka on Fighting Terror: Trump, Gen. Flynn ‘Get It’ and ‘We’ll Have a Different Approach Come January 21’

Peter King: Trump’s Nata’l Security Picks Including Pompeo, Flynn Are ‘Exceptional’

AP: Make Christmas Great Again: For $149, Trump sells the iconic red hat in ornament form

By Jeff Horowitz, Nov. 23, 2016, Denver Post / The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — For Donald Trump supporters looking to extend election season into holiday season, the president-elect’s campaign has a new offering: The Make America Great Again Christmas ornament.

The painted brass bauble comes in the shape of the Trump campaign’s iconic red baseball caps and is on sale through Trump’s website for $149.

The description on the campaign store website says the brass ornament finished in 24 karat gold “is sure to make any tree stand out.”


Fox News: 6 People Shot, 2 Dead in in Louisville, Ky. Park Shooting

Happy Thanks Giving from our President Elect Donald J. Trump

CBS: U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Celebrate Thanksgiving Holiday

Fox News: A Chicago Alderman Is Seriously Hurt After He Claims a Squirrel Purposely Jumped in Front of His Bike

Montage: The Stock Market Tanks If Donald Trump Wins

MSNBC: Hillary Spotted at Local Grocery Store Wednesday Afternoon Doing Thanksgiving Shopping

Bratton: ‘Terrorist Related Activities Have Added a New Element’ to Security at the Macy’s Parade

Detroit Free Press: The numbers are in: Trump wins Michigan by 10,704 (Electoral: Clinton 232, Trump 306)

Kathleen Gray, Detroit Free Press Lansing Bureau, Nov. 23, 2016

In the closest race for president in Michigan's history, Republican Donald Trump is hanging on to a 10,704 vote win over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Michigan Secretary of State posted results Wednesday that were submitted by the state's 83 county clerks on Tuesday after the votes were reviewed and certified by each county.

Before that compiled count, Trump held a 13,107 lead over Clinton. But after each county certified its results, the lead shrunk to 10,704, with the biggest chunk coming from Wayne County, which showed that Clinton had gotten 565 more votes than originally tallied by the county.

The state's Board of Canvassers will officially certify the results on Nov. 28. The electoral college in all the states, including Michigan's 16 electors, will cast their votes on Dec. 19.

The Cost for Protecting Jet-Setting President-Elect Trump? Yuge!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Thanksgiving Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump: 'We Must ‘Begin to Heal Our Divisions’

Chris Stirewalt: People Are Optimistic with Trump Bec. He’s Showing Inclusivity

NFL Legend Jim Brown: I’m ‘Pulling for’ Trump, ‘He’s Going To Be for All the People’

Andrea Mitchell Badgers Ed Rendell for Possible Vote Recount

Scientist: Owing to Global Warming, Humans ‘Don’t Have 10 Years Left’ on Planet

Gingrich on Not Going After Clinton: I Hope What He’s Saying Is He’s Not Personally Going to Interfere

Fox News: Teens Sue Washington State for Failure to Protect Them from Climate Change

Lowry: Trump and GOP in Congress ‘Utterly Committed’ to ObamaCare Repeal

Mexico’s Ambassador to the U.S. Reminds Donald Trump that His Government Will Not Pay for a Wall

Soltis Anderson: Talk of Impeachment over Trump’s Business Interest Is a ‘Little Premature’

Hannity: It’s Time to Change the Traditional Relationship of the Press and the White House

GOP Strategist: Nancy Pelosi Is the ‘Poster Child for Elitism’

WQAD: Iowa Veteran Takes His Life After VA Has Him Wait for Treatment

Giuliani Defends Decision To Not Go After Clinton: There’s a ‘Tradition’ that After You Win ‘You Put Things Behind You’

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Alex Datig Appears on KABC 790 - Mid-Day Live with Dr. Drew to Discuss President Trump 100 Days

Lindsey Graham: ‘So Much for Lock Her Up, I Guess’

San Antonio Police Shooting Suspect: I Was Upset at the Society

Conway: ‘It Sends a Very Strong Message’ the Party that Trump Is Not Pursuing Clinton Investigation

CNN: New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Believe Trump Will Do a Good Job as President

Monday, November 21, 2016

Trump Releases Agenda for First 100 Days, Doesn’t Cite ObamaCare Repeal or Border Wall

Fox News: Bloomington, Indiana Renames Columbus Day and Good Friday To Be More Culturally Sensitive

Sheriff Clarke Dismisses Megyn Kelly and Answers Question that Was Directed at Eric Guster

Kellyanne Conway Applauds Sanders for Saying Dems Should ‘Stop with Identity Politics’

BET Founder, After Meeting with Trump: Black Americans Should Give President-Elect a Shot

Tim Ryan: Democrats Are in Denial, We Are Not a National Party Anymore

Fox Guest: Cop Killers Are ‘Career Criminals’ with Records 50 Yards Long Because of ‘Soft Liberal Judges’

CNN: 4 Police Officers Shot in Series of Separate Attacks

Conway Pushes Back on CNN’s Cuomo: ‘Why Do You Care’ if Trump Is Tweeting?

Huckabee: Pence ‘Showed a Lot More Class’ than the Cast or Audience of Hamilton

MSNBC: Trump to Meet with Rick Perry; Melania and Barron to Stay in NYC Till End of School Year

Mike Rogers: I Hope ‘Hamilton’ Gives Pence His Money Back

Maya MacGuineas: ‘President-elect Trump Is Going To Be Inheriting the Worst Fiscal Situation of Any President’

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pence: Romney Is Under Active Consideration To Be Sec. of State

After Blasting Trump, Raddatz Reminds Schumer He Accepted His $8,000 Campaign Donation

Priebus: We Will Deal with the Good Illegals After Building a Border Wall and Getting Rid of the Bad Ones

Obama in Peru: Until Recently, Women in U.S. Needed a Man to Apply for a Loan

Mike Pence: I Wasn’t Offended by Message from Hamilton Cast

‘The Bubble’: SNL Fake Ad Offers Sanctuary for Libs Following Trump

CNN’s Don Lemon: Pence’s Record ‘Shows that He Does Not Love Gay People’

Republicans on CNN Panel Decry Lack of ‘Civility’ in Reactions to Pence at Hamilton

Mike Pence Booed at ‘Hamilton’ Performance

Priebus: Trump Believes that ‘No Faith … Should Be Judged as a Whole’

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Calling on Starbucks to Salute our new President with a Trumpkin Spice Latte

Dr. Siegel: Young People ‘Smart Enough’ to Pay ObamaCare Penalty Rather than Sky-High Premiums

Muslim Doctor: Obama Failed to Separate the Religion of Islam from the Political Ideology

Wasserman Schultz: Sanders Made Me the ‘Boogeyman’; Trust Me, If I Wanted to Rig Primary I Could Have

Geraldo on Fake News: ‘Truth Now Is on the Pen of a Propagandist’

Friday, November 18, 2016

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Conservatism Is What Happens When You’re a Good Citizen’

Dem Congressman Adam Schiff Praises Trump’s Choice for CIA Director

RNC’s Spicer: Trump Team Receives 50,000 Job Applications a Day

Kellyanne Conway: ‘I Don’t Think This Country Would Elect a Socialist’

Ingraham: ‘Ultimate’ Goal of ‘Alt-Radical-Left’ Is to ‘Bring About a Borderless North America’

The Kelly File Panel on Rise of Fake News: We Earned the Broken Faith of the American People

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tucker Carlson Grills NYT’s Kristoff: You Are ‘Implying’ Trump Voters Are Racists

Conway: Successful Businessmen Like Trump and Romney Can Put Politics Aside and Work Together

Yellen: Fed Rate Rise Could Come ‘Relatively Soon’ as Data Point to Stronger Economy

Fox News: Trump Offers Nat’l Security Advisor Position to Michael Flynn

Gretchen Carlson Speaks for First Time Since Lawsuit: ‘We Have to Make it a Safer Environment’

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Resigns

By NBC News, Nov. 17, 2016

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper submitted his resignation Wednesday evening.

Clapper has said in interviews with NBC News over the last year that he was counting down the days to stepping down at the end of President Obama's final term in office. He started as a young intelligence officer reporting to his father in Vietnam.

More than 50 years of service, he has said in interviews, is more than enough.

His resignation comes as the Trump administration mulls its direction on national security matters.

Clapper, in testimony to the House Select Intelligence Committee, said submitting the resignation " felt pretty good."

Clapper's tenure in office was marked by high profile showdowns over the government's desire to protect its Americans and citizens' civil liberties.

L.A. Police Chief, Chicago Mayor Declares They Will Remain as Sanctuary Cities

Stelter: Megyn Kelly the ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’ About How Trump Intimidates the Press

MSNBC: Bolton No Longer under Consideration for Sec. of State, Nikki Haley under Consideration

Ingraham: Cruz as A.G. Is a ‘Fantastic Idea’; He’d Take a ‘Scalpel and a Meat Cleaver’ Through Everything

Cruz Won’t Confirm He And Trump Team Discussed Possible Admin Position

Clinton: ‘There Have Been a Few Times’ When I Wanted to Curl up with a Book and ‘Never Leave the House Again’

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jesse Watters Gets Thrown out of a Bernie Sanders Book Signing

De Blasio Refuses to Say If Records for Illegals Who Applied for NY State ID Will Be Deleted

Tucker Carlson Grills NYC Council Member on Sanctuary Cities: Do You Have a Responsibility to the Middle Class?

Jesse Jackson: Obama Should Offer Clinton ‘A Full Pardon Against Prosecution’

Megyn Kelly Responds to O’Reilly Suggesting She’s Making Fox ‘Look Bad’: I Think Roger Ailes Did That

MSNBC: Buzzfeed Publishes Transcript of Bannon’s Comments Made at the Vatican in 2014